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Pioneer's first DAP, the XDP-100R announced in IFA

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by anakchan, Sep 3, 2015.
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  1. Signal2Noise
    I have bought and used cheap $10 OTG cables (Xillie, Anker, etc.) from Amazon & Monoprice that work fine between Mojo & XDP. However, in my experience I found there was no real audio benefit with Mojo over standalone XDP. Unless you have some harder to driver headphones or want some extra "oomph" in output.
  2. Beau Cauchemar
    That's quite a compliment to the 100R. Granted I've been enjoying the hell out of mine for a while now, but thought I'd chime in given the recent posts to see if anyone has upgraded from their 100R to something that was seriously worth the purchase. I was considering adding a Mojo, but was on the fence still given that my sound target is still reference oriented (neutral, lots of micro-detail, wide soundstage, excellent imaging, yet still musical/natural and non-fatiguing.) I typically use mine at near max volume on my modded 4XXs, but I do also use the line out with an amp so extra oomph without any other quality improvements wouldn't be worth it for me.

    So has anything really wowed anyone post-100R?
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  3. Signal2Noise
    AR-M2 wows me overall.

    DX200 is no slouch either for audio but GUI goes to 100R.
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  4. hackstu
    Can't see how a xdp 100r sounds better than the mojo??

    Not saying the pioneer sounds bad though.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  5. Signal2Noise
    I'm not stating that the 100R sounds better than the Mojo. I found there was really no difference in the quality in the long run. The Pioneer is absolutely fine on it's own and is a really great buy considering its current price point (I bought mine when it was still around $700). The only benefit I found with Mojo as a standalone amp/dac is it can get the volume level up more, the XDP-100R does have a volume limitation compared to other DAPs, and its pretty glowing colourful orbs. . Also, the Mojo is an add-on becoming more cumbersome when strapped to a DAP or Phone. Actually, best use case for Mojo is with a cheap phone because then the Mojo will sound spectacular. Mojo/Poly sound terrific as well but imo all my other DAPs by themselves sound just as good with the right phones.

    Tough call though as this is my sole opinion. That's why this crazy "hobby" gets ridiculously expensive. I have to try all the possibilities myself in the pursuit of audio nirvana :wink:
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  6. Kaveman2403
    Thanks. I must admit I did not know of any of those brands, and had to do some research. I also hate the EQ function as it seems to add artifacts to the sound. Wish they used Hardware EQ instead of Software.
  7. 3dit0r
    Hardware EQ would likely be worse if by that you mean pots of some kind.
  8. hackstu
    Anyone have any issues with the Pioneer xdp-100r. Particularly with the mojo & xdp freezing/crashing and what the possible fix is? Just bought some more cables off amazon, hope that will do the trick.
  9. hackstu
    Seems to be the 'music' app, the comes with the xdp 100r, very buggy. USB audio player pro works like a dream
  10. AndrewH13
    Using standard Pioneer music app with Hugo 2 for months now, never had a crash.
  11. Hakase
    does anyone know how to open up this thing? Ive had it about 2 years and my headphone jack on the top has gotten so loose i can hold it upside down and my headphone cable comes out. I use this thing everyday so it got worn out really quick but I love it :)
  12. LightBlue77
    Is it possible to use it as external usb dac for pc?
  13. vid1900
    It's apparently stuck together with double sided tape.

    If you don't have cellphone repair tools, you may want to have one of those "cell phone rescue" joints open it up for you $20.

  14. hackstu
    Just did a reset of the xdp-100r, now nothing in the play store will auto update.

    Any help appreciated
  15. LightBlue77
    In play store, go to settings, there you should find update behavior.
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