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Pioneer's first DAP, the XDP-100R announced in IFA

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by anakchan, Sep 3, 2015.
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  1. Signal2Noise
    As in adding the DF to the XDP? Yes. The Pioneer is very good on it's own, imo. Hell, I don't even think the Mojo is necessary for the XDP audio-quality wise except for added "oomph" for specific headphones. DF and other portable dac/amp are good for "cheap" DAPs or mobile phones. Again, my opinion based on my usage.

    Afterthought adder: Also, introducing a separate DAC/Amp to the portable DAP will also significantly drain battery charge faster.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
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  2. senzen
    sony nw-zx300; haven't tried it myself.
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  3. NaiveSound
    This player is a great transport to your mojo or ifi or anything. It also has a nice sound.

    Pm me if any of you are interested, I got one very cheap
  4. tiddlywinks
    New update in the store:
    What's New
    - Added playlist backup and restore function.
    - Added backup function and restore function of custom EQ.
    - Added capability to import playlist created with m3u file to application's playlist.
    - Pioneer SE-CL5BT / SE-E7BT added to the headphone list.
  5. DeCo59
    I have sell my fiio x5 iii for this pionneer and I'm very happy, I like the song and the UI is very great and perfect for me, is just a little big but don't a problem for me, I love the xdp100r
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  6. davidcotton
    Yep, the only thing I don't like about the pioneer is it's size (and stupid handles). After something a little smaller personally. Far prefer it to the fiio x5III in terms of operation etc. Everything just works out of the box with no real firmware updates needed now.
  7. makincheez
    I removed the bottom bumper on mine; it just fits in the case that came with my etys now. Turned out to be the perfect player for my needs. Like you said; it just works.
  8. vid1900
  9. Signal2Noise
  10. vid1900
    Every time a new, higher capacity card comes out, the last generation top dog card drops in price.

    At the Nintendo Switch unveiling, they demonstrated a 2tb microSD..........still not available to the public a year latter.

  11. Sniperbombers
    Does anyone here know if the xdp-100r has a balance adjustment option for left and right channels? i can't seem to find it anywhere in the settings
  12. 13-7
    It hasn't.

    It existed at one point (you could actually see it in an early video from some expo / trade show), but it was removed before general release.

    I remember reporting it along some other bugs and missing features a few weeks after the device was released in Europe, but most of these issues were never resolved.
  13. Kaveman2403
    Can Anyone suggest Good IEM's for the Pioneer?
  14. makincheez
    I have used the massdrop RE00s, UE TF10s, and the Ety 4xrs with the Pioneer. I find the player pretty neutral on it's own and I don't use any EQing. Files are all FLAC with a few hi res just to try out. I thought all 3 iems sounded great but have a very strong preference for the Ety's. Clean , clear , and just enough thump. I'm sure most any iems that sound good would sound good with the pioneer.
  15. hackstu
    Anyone have any recommended, working and stable otg cables, with a mojo.

    Looking at forza audioworks, on the theory that spend lots will solve my cable connection issues.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
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