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Pioneer's first DAP, the XDP-100R announced in IFA

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by anakchan, Sep 3, 2015.
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  1. davidcotton
    Well finally went and ordered one. Got it off amazon uk for £201 which seemed a pretty good price. Now to see if it was fiio or android I didn't like!
  2. Brava210
    Well I had 2 Fiio players and found them very sluggish. The Pioneer is absolutely fine...I love it
  3. vid1900
    Has anyone figured out how to get the XDP100 to work with car stereos?

    I just installed a Pioneer 4201NEX and the XDP is not recognized in either USB1 or USB2

    Even my 12 year old iPod works perfectly, displaying album art and everything on the NEX's screen.
  4. davidcotton
    Got it today and had a quick play. Nice and fast, very easy to use (unlike the fiio x5-III where I had to ask on how to get the track list up!). Nice big screen. Don't like how sharp the edges are, and coming from the teeny tiny sony a35 it's a "bit" bigger!

    Looks like this one is a keeper, hopefully the battery life is closer to 9-10 hours then 7-8. Already turned off pointless google services as this will be an mp3 player only.

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  5. davidcotton
    Did a test run of the battery after depleting the player and giving it a full charge. Quoted around 19 hours or so using the stopwatch timer before it got below 5%. That was with a bit of use of the touchscreen, no bluetooth and no iems attached. I'm guessing real world usage will be around the 12 hour mark which is fine for me. Given that I'm using this as just a dap that should be more than enough to get me through the day.
  6. vid1900
    A guy at the local car stereo joint got the XDP to work over Bluetooth, but could not figure out the USB connection.

    "Hmmmm, you'd think that two Pioneer products would work together....." he said.

    He tried calling Pioneer, but they did not even know what the XDP100 was.

    The Bluetooth connection does not show album art, just the titles.
  7. davidcotton
    Ok just trying to identify if my new pioneer is normal or exhibiting weird behaviour. Loaded up the player with a 200 gig card and started using the google stock player. Sounds awful. Have to crank the volume up around the 100 mark just to get anywhere, and this is with iems. Sounds almost like the headphone jack isn't in all the way, it's that bad. Little bass, shouty treble and so on. Starting to thing it's a lemon and it might have to go back (sadly). On a whim I tried downloading the trial versions of Poweramp and Neutron. What a difference. There's the bass and the quality. Volume on the poweramp app is back down to the 30's at the highest, on Neutron it's around the 50 mark. Just to confirm I wasn't going mad, went back to the google app and it's the same awful sound.

    Does this sound normal or should I be worried?
  8. makincheez
    David, could you have bad setting somewhere? I use the stock player through either ER4XRs or Vmoda 80s and very seldom run the volume at even 100; mostly 75 to 90 depending on what I'm listening to and the environment I'm in. I've never experimented with the 3rd party players. I've been content enough with the stock one so far. Hope you get it resolved and all it is is a setting...
  9. davidcotton
    Thanks, any ideas where to look? Complete newb at android, normally use ios but as the touch now has camera's which are banned at work for security purposes it's no longer an option.

    I really am starting to think there may be an issue with the headphone socket on this one. Just doesn't sound like it should quite honestly. Thinking of sending it back to amazon and getting a different one just to compare the differences. That way at least I would know.

  10. makincheez
    This is my only Android device so I've no clue. I'm thinking maybe going down the list, making note of each setting, and change each one by one. Play the same song over in a loop and "rewind " to the same passage as you change them? Alternatively reset them to factory settings (bottom of the settings list) ? It just seemed to me that if it were a hardware issue you wouldn't have decent sound/volume with the 3rd party apps. Of course, your inclination to send it back and try another is still perfectly sensible given the feeling that you may have a lemon. Sorry if that's of no help.....
  11. davidcotton

    Nothing really leaps out. Had just about convinced myself that it was fine, then tried my sennheiser hd25-II's on it. Oh dear. Really had to crank it to get decent volume (say around the 130 mark). Don't like doing that because none of the apps are volume matched. Could be nasty if I forget to turn the volume down when I plug my iems back in! Think this one is going back, which is a shame as there is a lot to like about it.
  12. Mkoll
    Is it possible to use this as a standalone DAC/amp via its USB input? I'd like to do laptop -> USB cable -> XDP-100R -> headphones and have them output the laptop's sound. Is this possible?
  13. csimon
    No, it's not an external USB DAC. However it can output *to* an external USB DAC.
  14. Mkoll
    Got it. Bit of a bummer. Does anyone know of any DAPs that can function as an external DAC/amp?
  15. scarfacegt
    Hi.I got the xdp 100r,but im wondering how good quality the dac is? Would a audioquest dragonfly red be a totlly waste of money?
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