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Pioneer XDP-300R | Twin DAC ES9018K2M | Balanced Out | Android | MQA | 2x MicroSD | WiFi | AptX

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by substi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. wirednew3
    No headphone jack/socket problem here, maybe time will tell. Charging time is quite quick on my experience especially when using quick chargers from android phones. I usually get 10-12hrs playing time (screen off most of the time) and the standby is great, I don't have any battery drain when I'm not using it.
  2. vid1900
    I got a new Pioneer 4200NEX car stereo (September 2017 build date), and it will only connect to the XDP by Bluetooth (but with no album graphics or search).

    Both USB inputs on the 4200NEX say "USB not compatible"

    Even my 12 year old Ipod connects to the NEX's USB and displays the album covers and menus.

    You would think that Pioneer's newest car stereo would properly interface with it's own XDP, right?
  3. SteveOliver
    It would be great yes, but I bet the people that develop the car audio and the people that develop the DAP's are in completely different parts of the world and don't work to the same protocols.

    A generic android based car audio unit running an App like HibyMusic would be more likely to work as far as giving full playback control and displaying album art etc.
  4. pie man
    I have a 5 year old Sony DAB head unit with usb fitted in my old Toyota Colorado. I have just gone and plugged 300R in the usb and it is not supported. I am not that bothered as I use a 32gig stick loaded with mp3's at 320bit, good enough for the car.
    My problem with the 300R is my p.c. will not let me drag and drop files to it, I have to take out a card and put it into a card reader to load files. Thats' a bit of a pain as the 300Rs' cover is a tight fit.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  5. doctorjazz
    Interesting, all the different ways it doesn't connect... I can connect to my computer, but it's a bit odd. Sometimes I have to disconnect and reconnect a few times, and when it does, it doesn't show up as an accessory hard drive to eject (but it shows in the file explorer). Drag and drop does work once the computer sees it.
  6. SteveOliver
    As its an Android device it will not require ejecting, hence it not showing in safely remove hardware. Just make sure you are not writing to it and then unplug
  7. doctorjazz
    I didn't realize a PC manages Android differently. I actually like not having to eject.
    I probably should load up a USB drive and bring it to my car. I've already loaded 2 Ponos, 1 DX90, and the Pioneer, just more busy work.
  8. chris6878
    My 2015 lexus gx it connects via b tooth and aux. Via btooth it will show the albums and I can change songs via steering wheel. My 2016 gs it connects both btooth and aux, but btooth it does not show song names and it does not allow me to change songs via steering wheel. If I had known it would have so many bluetooth issues I may not have bought it. But because I have it Ill deal with it. Pioneer or bluetooth needs to get the act together.

    I wonder if a bluetooth update cant remedy the issue.
    vid1900 likes this.
  9. vid1900
    I had a Joying android car head unit, and it was just not ready for primetime, lol.

    No HD Radio, no front panel SD memory slot, no DVD or CD....constantly needs to be rebooted. Sometimes does not respond to any screen touch for several minutes. Too much headache to drive and constantly have to dlck with it.

    The Pioneer 4200NEX was like a breath of fresh air, you start the car and it just works, every time.

    It works with Android, Ipod, Iphone, SD Cards, CD/DVD, HD Radio, Detachable Face (good for bad neighborhoods).

    It displays album art from Ipod, SD Cards, USB Jumpdrives, CD-ROM, HD Radio, Pandora....really everything except the XDP
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  10. swesko
    then theres something wrong with either one, as i just drag and drop to tehe internal card or the 2 sd cards i have on .

    on another note, i dont like balanced audio at all, sound brighter than the single and using the same IEM
  11. Existence_Inc
    I have had no issues with my 300R connected to my PC. I have been using Drag-n-Drop without issue since I got the device in June. I do keep the device awake while transferring files, though. I had issues with older Android phones not keeping the connection open when the display turned off (Ca. 2010) so I have just gotten into the habit. I even use the front USB2.1/3.0 ports on my front tower panel with success. And no signs of my 3.5mm jack getting worse or loose. *knock on wood*

    I will say that BT standards and protocols, like most things, are down to implementation. And lets be honest, car head units (especially factory) are nearly ancient in terms of hardware, so that may explain some of the issues people have. I use the AUX port in my 2017 Mazda and I am VERY happy with the quality (Line Out) of the audio through my factory sound system. I have played with BT using my phone (HTC 10) and found that the quality was significantly lacking. I also have a 64GB USB drive plugged in to one of the car's ports and the audio quality there, while better than BT, is also lacking. I don't buy cars without Aux Ports or Manual Transmissions because sometimes, simple just works better.

    It is going to be a rough transition for ALL OF US when AUX finally dies out and we're left with poorly implemented BT and DAC systems everywhere. I don't see it getting any better, only worse.

  12. chris6878
    Can you control the the Pio when you connect via line out with your wheel control? I tried line out and I cant control with my wheel at all. Have to use the Pio to switch songs, which is damn near like texting while driving.
  13. Existence_Inc
    No, my car doesn't allow me to control the player via the wheel, but I purchased this player specifically due to the physical buttons on the side. They all have a different feel so it is easy to navigate while never taking my eyes off of the road. If I had to look at the player to use it, I wouldn't have bought it. I can play/pause skip/back without looking, and my car has a mute button and volume knob. I even keep my Head Unit display turned off when driving.

  14. chris6878
    Yea I just have to get used to the buttons
  15. doctorjazz
    I didn't even think to check, didn't realize aux was going the way of the dodo when I bought my 2017 Honda Accord (had to buy it quickly last year). It has an aux button on the dashboard, but it is a dead button, just holds the place. Bluetooth doesn't work from the Pioneer (works well with my HTC10). There's also a usb connection, doesn't recognize the Pioneer. Which means, the Pioneer is useless in my car.
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