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Pioneer XDP-300R | Twin DAC ES9018K2M | Balanced Out | Android | MQA | 2x MicroSD | WiFi | AptX

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by substi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. areek
    How long should i wait till it shows some sign? No light yet.
    no idea. Any suggestions?
  2. zombicube
    I saw signs of life within about a half hour of charging. Hold down the big power button for a bit (up to 10 seconds) and hope to see the magic words “Powered by Android.” That’s all I got. Don’t know if any other hidden buttons or reset options. Fingers crossed for you.
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  3. areek
    Didn't happen for me. I have decided to charge overnight. Also waiting for more suggestions.
  4. CoryGillmore
    it's toast. Start planning for your next DAP purchase. The 300R is a POS in more ways than one. At least it sounds good so when it dies you can live with the memory of the way sounded when it worked.
  5. miguel.yarce

    I still missing mine :frowning2:
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  6. doctorjazz
    I had it happen...charging didn't help at the time. It's been sitting for a while, so maybe I'll give it another try, but switched over to my Pono.
  7. areek
    The same day i pulled the trigger on the Andromeda, it had to happen. Now i i broke with a totl iem but without a dap.
  8. CoryGillmore
    Damn that’s sucks man. I’d get a Sony DAP. New ZX500 looks to be pretty sweet. Sony DAPs don’t have reliability issues.
  9. LightBlue77
    There is a small pinhole on the bottom, near the charging socket, maybe it's the reset button inside.
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  10. areek
    Tried it. Didn't work. Thanks anyway. Good info
    Hello. I would like to ask, which music app is currently the best for 300r? im using UAPP right now in bit perfect mode and i think its slightly better than the native one (bit less airy but i think that the sound is more "dense" and packed with micro details). Couple days ago I installed Power Amp and I find the EQ very useful because it doesnt decrease the sound quality and it makes it somehow deeper. But i still have this feeling that UAPP sounds more natural and closer to the original sound singature of the 300r even tho its more flat. Do you maybe know anything better than the UAPP which makes the sound a bit deeper but doesnt change the original tone significially? Thank you in advance.
  12. LightBlue77
    i don't think any other app gets closer to what you need in bit perfect mode since uapp directly accesses the dac. i use it for both playing local files and streaming from tidal. but i do not activate bit perfect because i want to use the eq.
  13. areek
    So, word from the phone repair shop where i sent my dap is, the issue is somewhere between the USB port and the connection to the battery but they can't seem to find the issue out. It's not repairable by them.
  14. cwatters
    I had the same issue and sent it to Pioneer in New Jersey. They charged just to diagnose and then told me it was the USB port but they don’t have the part anymore. Then asked me to pay to have it returned to me. I have to imagine someone could figure out how to replace that part with something similar. It’s not like micro usb wasn’t used in tons of phones and daps
  15. areek
    The usb port itself is okey. Perhaps there is some kind of fault in the pcb. I will see it myself tomorrow. Anyways, I don't have any hope now and have to look for a dap. Confused between Ibasso DX160 and the A&Norma SR15.
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