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Pioneer XDP-300R | Twin DAC ES9018K2M | Balanced Out | Android | MQA | 2x MicroSD | WiFi | AptX

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by substi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. antdroid
    I bought the A&K SR15 Norma with intention of selling the Pioneer XDP-300R, and ummm I ended up keeping both and using both equally. :frowning2:
    300R sound is better to me... wider, cleaner, more airy. SR15 is more intimate and warm. Both are great for sensitive IEMs (I use Campfire Solaris).

    So, now I'm in your boat, except I have two devices that need a single upgrade.
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  2. Colors
    I actually though the SR15 was a minor upgrade or minor sidegrade at best...

    Better dynamics and imaging but definitely more congested and lacks the upper air and treble brilliance of the XDP300R. Also very expensive too.
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  3. antdroid
    I bought it mostly for the size and shape. If Pioneer/Onkyo's XDP-300R/DP-XA1 came in the form factor of their non-android little brother DP-S1, I'd be quite happy.
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  4. Andrew Harper
    I know this a bit random but it is related to the Pioneer so I thought I would just post this to raise a smile or two, the situation just made me laugh at the time.

    Some months ago I was going to the UK for a few days and as usual I took the Pioneer with me to listen to on the plane, and in the hire car.

    On the day I was leaving a CD arrived in the post that I was expecting so I thought, I'd listen to that on the journey up the motorways of the UK (or when I was going to be stuck on the M25 for four hours as usual.... :wink: )

    Arrived at the airport, collected a very nice top of the range Ford Fiesta (only 100 miles on the clock too), not usually my sort of car but I have to admit it was a nice bit of kit.

    Soooo, took the CD out of my bag.....no CD player just a huge iPad style glass panel, very flash but CD wasn't available in this car. Fair enough, a lot of new cars don't have CD players now so that's cool.

    Time to plug in the Pioneer via Aux-In then? Nope. The car doesn't have one, neither did it have a USB input (which I doubt would have worked with the Pioneer anyway). This baby was Bluetooth streaming only, lol :)

    Ok, so try connecting the Pioneer via Bluetooth? Nope it didn't like that either. It was trying to connect to a Bluetooth device that also had built in functions, so I assume that meant mobiles only. It was trying to find, maps, contacts, etc. So that didn't work either. The car system required a certain type of Bluetooth product and DAP's are certainly not what it likes....I don't have an iPod touch but it would have been interesting to see if it would have accepted that.

    So everything back in the bag and DAB radio was used for my three hour journey.

    The joys of technical evolution! lol :)
  5. Andrew Harper
    Has anyone tried using the Pioneer with Sennheiser 660HD's?

    I was looking at getting a pair but some of the reviews on here still point to having to use these with a dedicated amp, otherwise you are at maximum volume all the time.

    Admittedly most of those reviews were for the Fiio players not the Pioneer.
    Hi, I think we are lucky today. Im just going straight from my work to the shop, to audition 660s with my 300r. Of course it will be only via single output but I hope it will give me a picture of how it would sound from balanced. So I will write about my impressions when back home.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
    Hi, do you listen from single or balanced? if balanced is it ACG or regular one? Thanx in advance!
  8. Andrew Harper
    Awesome that would be really useful. I am a Sennheiser fan anyway and obviously yes a dedicated amp is preferable but I can't afford both products at the same time, so just curious more than anything.

    I have a pair of AKG Bluetooth headphones that I use when I'm travelling or out and about. Wanted to keep the 660's for when I was at home (relaxing or working) and just to get the best out of the Hi-Res music :)
  9. antdroid
    I use ACG mode
    Great! It squeezes the maximum sq from this player.
    OK, just came back home after spending 40 min listening to the hd660s paired with the 300r. And I must say, im very impressed. These cans are 150 ohms so I expected a mediocre loudness at max 160 on volume scale. I rearly reached 140 and was really loud. Considering that it was at the shop, and i heard noises around me (as u all know 660s are opened), I would probably listen at max 135 at home.
    So the SQ: 660s are very neutral with a hint of warmth. The bass is punchy and powerful but not exaggerated at all. Mids are bit recessed but precise, hights are sparkling and shimmering.
    The wow effect came with the soundstage. The soundscape was really wide with great imaging. Some notes and sounds were really really far or high, way above or around my head. It was very interesting because the vocals were close and powerful and suddenly other delicate notes apeard like 5 meters away.
    In general I can describe the sound like this: big, opened, powerfull.
    There is one con- these headphones are not forgiving and are quite revealing and they showed not only the strong points of the pioneer's single ended output but the weaknesses too. I was never a big fan of 300r's unbalanced out. There is a little of a dullness and cant be compared with a beautiful, shiny and crystal clear balanced out from this player. The ACG mode is an another level of sound delivery and I really recommend buying balanced cables asap (if possible of course).
    While from SE I was very positively suprised, I expect that with balanced cables these headphones will shine like with a good class stationary rig.
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  12. AdamQK
    I'm very, very surprised at this. I live in the UK and last year we got a new car, a Toyota RAV4. It also didn't have a CD player, but did have a USB slot, which threw us luddites, and it meant that I took the whole bundle of something like 50 CDs we kept in the car and ripped them, methodically, to mp3 (the only format the in-car player would recognise, alas). It seemed to take forever, and then I had to go back and re-format most of the artwork, as the car's system had problems with files over a certain size, which the 300R, commendably, doesn't. Now we listen differently, having the whole collection of something like 3000 songs on shuffle rather than albums (not always ideal, natch - some albums sound better when played in their entirety). But a Ford Fiesta couldn't? Mind you, I was in New Zealand earlier this year and we rented a campervan (a small RV, basically) which turned out to be a new Merc. Delightfully appointed, but while the sound system had a USB slot, it couldn't handle shuffling the entire collection (only randomly playing songs from the first two listed artists) and the monochrome graphic interface looked like Windows 3.
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  13. Andrew Harper
    In fairness my friend, so was I. I thought I was imagining it at first but looked through the source options on the main screen and "Aux" and "USB" were not there. When I arrived at my destination I looked in the manual and there was no mention of USB connection at all. However there was a USB charger port but it didn't connect to the head unit.

    It really surprised me, I think the previous car I had was a Fiat 500 Abarth and that had the full setup of CD, Aux, USB so it just varies from car to car I guess.

    Maybe when AVIS specified the cars they just didn't opt for those extras. Don't get me wrong, bluetooth is great; just a shame that it wouldn't talk to the head unit.

    Funnily enough I installed a Dension DAB addon into my Dad's '95 Jaguar XJ12, and the Pioneer works via a Bluetooth connection with no issues at all.
  14. Andrew Harper
    Thanks very much for that, really helps and confirms that it should be a good match :)

    130-140 is about where I am at a comfortable level with the AKG's which is interesting.

    I did a very brief hunt to see if an adaptor exists that takes the larger balanced plug down to the 2.5mm connection but I was unable to find one. A few from Chinese websites but none via the usual sources.

    I see custom cans make a lovely balanced cable so I may just use the normal unbalanced for a month and then treat myself to the cable upgrade afterwards.
  15. kith86
    "Do not connect headphones that have an impedance outside the rated range as this may result in damage", as i read it on the manual, balance range impedance (32 ohm - 600 ohm)

    What If i use a headphone/cans that rated 8-16 ohm into that balance port ? can it cause trouble or damage ? i had pandora headphone balance cans that rated 8 ohm impedance, can i safe use the balance port
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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