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Pioneer XDP-300R | Twin DAC ES9018K2M | Balanced Out | Android | MQA | 2x MicroSD | WiFi | AptX

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by substi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. Darryl l
  2. LightBlue77
    But why would you need to connect Another dac to it?
    Second, most likely it cannot be made usb host.
  3. Colors
    Strip all the apps and Google Play services and suspend all processes.

    Mine drains 6% every 24 hours on standby. I just have TIDAL installed (prior to stripping GP).
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  4. Greendriver
    Thanks. Will do
  5. Colors
    Tested the XDP300R and M11 side-by-side A&Bing the same songs:

    XDP300R has much better separation, darker background and treble extension. The resulting clarity gives the XDR300R a clean, delicate and sweet sound. The M11 sounded too “in your face”, blunted and congested in comparison.

    Hope this helps anyone looking to upgrade from the XDP300R. I realize its weakness is a rather outdated and slow UI but SQ is still competitive. Even the SR15 I tested extensively was more like a very minor upgrade.
  6. LightBlue77
    Have you tried balanced output of xdp? Should be even better.
  7. Colors
    Nope, I was using SE (ER4SR, EX1000, FH7). I know the ACG balanced is even cleaner :)
  8. ThomasHK
    That aligns well with my experience. The Onkyo/Pioneers were really something when they came out.
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  9. tbq22
    Just got the 300r as a replacement for my Onkyo dp-x1, which died tragically. Had been hoping my external playlists would transfer over easily, but I'm not having any luck. They appear on the device, but seem to be entirely empty, no matter how I edit the file paths. Anyone have any advice for how to get an externally-created playlist to function properly on the device?
  10. LaRocK
    I use iSyncr (which is free) for iTunes to the 300R and it works perfectly, donno if there's a way to make it work for other external playlists but it may be worth a look for you.
  11. AdamQK
    Thanks for this -- I've often wondered what I'd do if my 300R died for any reason, and what I'd turn to,but my experience with the dull sound of the Fiio X5ii and the frustration of the Fiio X5iii, which was so glitchy I had to send it back, doesn't exactly give me much confidence in the company.
  12. tbq22
  13. tbq22
    Finally got external playlists to work. Honestly not sure if changing all the file paths to begin with /storage/sdcard1/ or /storage/sdcard2/ is what finally did the trick, or if it simply took an insane 48 hours for the device to index my library, but the combination somehow worked.
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  14. Andrew Harper
    Glad you managed to get it to work ok.

    You are probably right with the second part maybe. I've noticed when I accidently copied across playlists from random folders they appeared in the players playlist...lists! lol

    Depends on the size of the music collection maybe? Maybe the player hunts for the actual file itself and that's why it takes so long. Only guessing though.

    I was gonna try mediamonkey and create some smart playlists using 80's, 90's sorting, etc. So I'll update on here if it works ok.
  15. Colors
    Has anyone found a good upgrade to this DAP?

    - super low floor noise & black background, especially for sensitive IEMs
    - TIDAL offline
    - possibly 64-128 GB internal storage
    - ridiculously clean and detailed balanced output
    - scrolling wheel for volume with up to 160-200 increments
    - beautiful black finish and case with a rose gold volume knob
    - big screen
    - very good battery life if all unnecessary processes/apps removed
    - three sound filters
    - four gain levels
    - easy to use and attractive UI
    - most importantly, a very detailed and well extended SQ
    - <$1,000

    I'm still looking...
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