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Pioneer XDP-300R | Twin DAC ES9018K2M | Balanced Out | Android | MQA | 2x MicroSD | WiFi | AptX

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by substi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. Andrew Harper
    I think most manufacturers just stick to what they've tested with and that's what they quote in the literature and guidelines.

    The only difference between a DAP and a phone is the player is constantly reading the data, so that's why I would recommend a good make if you can.

    I have a friend at work that constantly buys cheap no-name brands on eBay for his DAP and phone and then complains when he has issues.
  2. JohnRS
    I've noticed an issue with Tidal offline where my downloaded albums won't play when offline - it says "No connection - tap to refresh". It's pretty annoying since I'm not at home and don't have access to WiFi. I've never experienced this before, has anyone else experienced this and did you find a solution, other than connect to WiFi.
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  3. jhog
    Yes, I also had that problem a bunch. Am not sure, but I think that not all the items you’ve added to your download list haven’t all had a chance to download and as such aren’t able to be played. Others will work fine. Getting back online and letting more download seemed to partially fix the problem, but I didn’t methodically test, hence can’t be 100% certain if there’s anything else going on
  4. JohnRS
    They've been on the SD card for over a year and worked previously, which is the strange part! I'm going to email Tidal and see what they say.
  5. jhog
    Weird! Ok either we had different probs or I hopelessly misdiagnosed mine!
  6. CoryGillmore
    Does anyone know why the Poweramp app is so damn loud on the 300R? Like I run my volume at 125-130 on all the other apps but on the Poweramp app with the same gain I get the same volume level at like 95-100. I love the UI of Poweramp but this gain thing is turning me off.
  7. antdroid
    With poweramp, you're probably bypassing the sabre DAC that's in the Pioneer and using the android snapdragon audio.

    You may try Replay Gain in the Audio Settings in Poweramp. I prefer the default XDP-300R audio app over Poweramp.
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    Hi, from my experience, there is no better app than pioneer's one. No Poweramp, no Foobar, even UAPP plays bit worse, even tho it has direct access to the ESS DAC (slightly reduced separation, bit warmer).
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  9. RowBearToe
    When I was experiencing issues with my battery dying rapidly while not being used, I was mostly using it in Stand-alone mode. One night it was at 78% when I went to bed (had been playing in stand alone mode and hit the pause button on the outside, so I'm assuming it was still in stand-alone mode) and it died before I left for work the next morning and it wasn't playing any music. Since stand-alone mode just turns off wifi, bluetooth and the screen and I keep those turned off anyway, I stopped using stand-alone mode and am getting much better results. Last night it was at 100% when I went to bed and 96% when I left for work the this morning. I'm not sure if there was an update and this is a coincidence, or if somehow stand-alone mode is contributing to the battery drain, but I figured it was worth a try for anyone experiencing battery drain.
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  10. CoryGillmore
    Yeah you guys are right, after some more back and forth comparisons I have to agree. Wish I would've figured this out before buying Poweramp, Onkyo HF and Neutron...LMAO. I'd say the Onkyo app is about as goiod as the Pioneer app except the Onkyo app doesn't use the same volume interface which I don't like.
  11. SteveOliver
    I'm sticking with UAPP, the included music app implies its re-sampling 44.1Khz and I just can't live with that, only bitperfect for me :) . Perhaps its the re-sampling that makes the pioneer app sound "better" to some people.
  12. noneshallknow
    Hi !

    I'm a new member of this community.

    Last year, I bought in Tokyo a XDP-300R and I accidentally broke it's firmware.

    I know there's no stock rom out in the wild at the moment, some roms for the Onkyo DP-X1(A) are, and based on that, I've searched a workaround to unbrick everyone's device (it could happen to everyone).

    I started a XDA thread, willing to help anyone who is in the same soft-brick situation as I am.

    In order to achieve all of this, I beg you for your help.
    I've read this thread and I know some of you can.

    All I would need from you is some time, hard disk space and patience to sort things out.

    Thanks for your reading time.

    Cheers !
  13. antdroid
    I am interested. I'll continue to look into this as I have some experience with modding/rooting on android. I'll start posting to XDA. I've already rooted my XDP-300R but my issue was getting to "download" or "fastboot" mode to unlock the device.

    BTW, have you tried going into RECOVERY mode (hold power and vol down) and then factory reset?
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2019
  14. antdroid
  15. noneshallknow
    Yes, I already tried to factory reset, but my device freeze on the "Powered by android" screen even after MULTIPLES tries.

    Nice images, but since I can't boot my device, I can't use flashify.

    I don't know if they're flashable right now (if it's possible, I know there's a certificate check, I uncompiled it from the Onkyo's roms I grabbed) as I don't have my device with me.

    (if anyone wants to try, rename them as boot.img and recovery.img)

    Can you give a try on a "whole system backup" using QPST if you have time ?

    You can bypass verifications when flashing, I already checked.

    Btw, thanks for your support, I really appreciate it !

    Cheers !
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2019
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