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Pioneer SE-MS7BT around ear wireless

  1. Blank42
    I just discovered these headphones but I can barely find any information at all about them. Anyone who owns these that can give me some insight?

    I think they look pretty nice and are at a decent price point, but I don't know much about how pioneer usually perform. It doesn't seem to be a very popular brand here on head-fi.

  2. pratadata
    I saw them today while I was shopping and asked the price. Thought they would cost atleast 500€ because of the quality.
    So when they told me the price I had to buy them.
    Really good built. No plastic. Real leather I think.
    Fits perfectly around my ears.
    Comfort is good.
    Sound is great. Pretty warm sound. Not to much bass. ( Comparing to Sony MDR 1A)
    Something is missing in the sound when I comparing to Beyerdynamic sound thou.
    Quality 9 / 10
    Sound 8 / 10
    Comfort 10 / 10
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  3. Blank42
    Thanks you for the info, I can only order them online unfortunately.
    Might go for a store with a nice return policy and order a pair.
  4. phonomat

    The Pioneer SE-Master1 is one of the best headphones (in my view, probably the best headphone) in existence.
  5. Blank42

    Forgot to ask. What kind of controls are on the earcups? Volume and play/skip track etc? Saw a pair of Bluetooth headphones without volume control which is why I'm asking.

    Also, what beyers are you comparing to when you say something is missing?
  6. Blank42
    I got these yesterday and I'll give a short assessment below.
    I'm just an average consumer but would describe the sound as "fine". It's not fatiguing or harsh in any way and it does sound good, but that's it. Nothing that amazes me, but I could probably listen to these for a very long time.
    This is actually around ear! The cups are oval and measure approximately 65x45mm which actually fits a human ear. Good job.
    Unfortunately they are pretty shallow but still comfortable somehow even while my ears touch the fabric covering the driver, the fabric is very soft and I think my ears touch it ever so slightly. The clamping force is quite strong for me, but I've only had them for 2 days so probably too early to tell if that'll change or not.
    So comfort is good except for slightly high clamping, which may be possible to fix.
    + symbol to skip track forward
    - symbol to skip track back
    power button single click - play/pause
    power button double click - call last number (or call back last received call maybe? Why is this a feature?)
    No volume control on the headphones
    Standard 3.5mm female connection available if you run out of battery. It's slightly recessed into the headphone but I'm pretty sure any 3.5mm plug will fit anyway, I tried two and both worked.
    Personal note
    I suffer from the fact that I like to listen to music at low volumes. The lowest setting on my iphone is too loud over Bluetooth, this is likely a problem with Iphone+spotify in my case as this is no problem at all when using the headphones connected using bluetooth to my PC.
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  7. StranGee
    Bought it 2 weeks ago and ruturned todey. Here is outcome:
    Very clear sound, articulated on highs. No bases at all. I'm not a bass lower, but even for me it was too low on basses. Go it to use it with Pioneer's hi-res player (XDP-100R), but eventually had to trade them for Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK. Overall quality is just great. Look and feel much more expensive than they are. In Bluetooth mode has noticeably less noise then my Sony MDR-ZX770BN but you can still hear it between tracks or if you touch screen in silence.
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  8. Ourasi
    Yes, there is volume control on these, press+hold on "+" or "-" to adjust volume on the headphones up or down.

    An observation: These Pioneers ramps up sound quality the better your equipment gets, even on different Bluetooth aptx HD devices. These sounded pretty bad on phones and tablets from apple, samsung and LG alike, as most headgear do on these devices, so thats a pretty lost case in regards to to audiophile standards, even if thats not the main purpose of using these mobile devices. However, connected to LG OLED55B6V and it's Bluetooth sound setting, things started to sound alot better. Of course connected via cable and to a good headamp, was in a different league.

    I can imagine a good integrated or streamer with proper DAC and Bluetooth implementation, is the stuff that will make these sound at it's peak performance without a cable.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
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  9. trellus
    Wow, that's very heartening since I had a listen to these a few days ago from my iPhone 8 Plus via Bluetooth and thought they sounded spectacular for Bluetooth -- maybe a little light on bass, but otherwise, quite good! (For reference, I have Sennheiser PXC 550, Koss BT540i, Sony MDR-ZX770BN, and Parrot Zik 2.0, admittedly not high-end BT headphones, but more expensive than these.)
  10. scurvy76
    Hello after reading this thread i bought these cans and i must say they sound spectacular! Totally blown away for how good they sound for the price i got them $115.
    Plus i got brown leather version and they look phenomenal.
    I cannot stress enough how good these are.

    Here's and unboxing for anyone interested -
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
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