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Pioneer Monitor 10

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by deep funk, Dec 19, 2012.
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  1. Deep Funk
    For Sale
    Due to circumstances some of my favourite headphones have to go. 
    Two pairs of Pioneer Monitor 10s. Both are used, one in good condition and the other slightly damaged. You can hook them up to listen to music right away. Given they're heavy I'll eat part of the costs for shipping and handling. I prefer to sell them as a set. The price is firm given I've been informed a pristine Monitor 10 fetches about 150 Dollars. I offer you one good with one for spare parts for the price of one. 
    Sold!!! The Sennheiser HD250 II Linear replaced my K240 DF. I found two mint Linears but given the choice I prefer open headphones for home listening.
    Please PM me for information and photos.
    My regards,
    Deep Funk
    P.S. As of this update, 06-01-2013 this is the last bump. I'll give it a week before I close the listing.
  2. lejaz
    How do those senns compare to your dt48? and to the cd900st?
  3. Deep Funk
    The HD250 II Linears sound smoother compared to the DT48 and CD900 ST (Going from memory).
    The thing about the Linears is that there is sub bass, bass, clean mids and a smooth transition to the highs. If this headphone had a midrange like my K500 I would be keeping the Linears. There is another guy who really appreciates the sonic presentation of the Linears and has the DT48A. 
  4. lejaz
    OK thanks. My hd580 is super smooth compared to the dt48, and even the DF. I think the DF really shows up the flaws in the recording more than any of my others. That's why I like the 580 better, I guess....more forgiving of bad recordings and mp3's. I remember some guy in the DT48 thread really liked the hd250 a whole lot.... and compared it very favorably to his dt48
  5. Deep Funk
    Sold to 


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