Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)
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Welcome! Actually it is quite easy to pluck the foams, its precut into square blocks that you can actually pluck off. :)
Oh ya, maybe not more than $500? Yeah I hope to have something that is similiar in size for the AK120, that was why I was considering the Shozy PX-M1 earlier when I saw a fellow headfier post his rig but I read up the reviews on the Shozy and none seem to be too positive though.

Have you looked in to any of the Arrow amps? I'm daydreaming of getting an AK120 just to pair it with the new Arrow 5G, just because they have basically the same footprint and the stack would look awesome 
 AK120: 59,5 x 89 x 14,4 mm vs Arrow 5G: 56 x 98 x 8,5mm (stack thickness under 25 mm!! Nice! :) )
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Thanks! I will go google for more info! Yes I am looking to have a similiar size so its nicely stacked together and easier to carry.
Custom amp.
Double Helix 8-wire Cu-Litz interconnect

Thanks! I google but I could not find the chunky plug in the webby. Could you advise where you purchased the plug from?
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Lifestyles of the rich and famous! :p

I had the pleasure of owning the UM Mentor's and auditioning the FitEar TG 334's.

I would have bought the FitEars, but I just couldn't justify the $1899 they wanted for them new here.

I fully intend to get some 2nd hand when I get some cash flow again however.  I just loved everything about them.  To me an even more refined Mentor.

That being said I only auditioned them with my DX90 and the stores AK120.  Yet to hear the AK240/901/Calyx.

This would be a very dangerous hobby if I didn't have a shared credit card!!


Sadly the Calyx M, Ditas & Rox aren't mine. We do quite a bit of sharing with the Japan HF crew.

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