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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. rudi0504
    My Ko Jo KM - 01 with external dac IBasso DB2

    Source : AK 120
    Dac : IBasso DB2
    Amp : Ko Jo KM- 01
    Iem : UM. 3 DD
    Cable : sys Concept Canada optical cable
    Wagnus mini to mini

    Sound Quality : high end portable iem set up

  2. rudi0504
    My Fostex TH 900 with Ko Jo KM - 01

    Source : AK 120
    Dac : IBasso DB2
    Amp : Ko Jo KM - 01
    Headphone : Fostex TH 900
    Cable : Venture Craft Audiophile grade mini to mini
    Tralucent Audio UBER cable mini to mini
    Sys Concept optical cable

    Sound Quality :
    High end SQ for night time listening. At home


  3. rudi0504

    Wagnus is the winner in term sound quality,and Ko Jo smooth sounding amp
    Alo international is the winner in term big power , SQ is a bit harsh

    Yes I wrapped first with eyewear cleaning cloth and anti slip mate :D

    Thank you all for the quote

    Sound Quality wise

    All have the right choice : the winner is Wagnus Epsilon S
    Runner up 1 : Ko Jo KM - 01
    Runner up 2 : Alo International

    Power wise : the winner is Alo International
    Runner up 1 : Wagnus Epsilon S
    Runner up 2 : Ko Jo KM - 01
  4. miceblue
    I forgot how convenient physical media buttons are compared to my usual iPhone 4S interface; and how good the Wolfson DAC sounds. It's too bad my battery drains like there's no tomorrow. :frowning2:
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  5. DMinor
    Agree nothing comes even close to the ipod's (video or classic) UI then you also have the rockbox. As for the battery, just swap the hdd for a 128GB CF or SDXC using the Tarkan adapter and your battery performance instantly has a big boost. You got throw away that hdd.
    I bought the 64GB ip4s a couple yrs ago thinking about loading it for music, but the truth is I can't stand the touch screen for playing music.
    Well about the sound, there is a reason that some high-end CD players use that dac chip. Then you have the diymod option to rewire the circuit not just to clean the "dust" but also achieve your preferred sound signature with the caps of your choice. Those caps are amazing that's all I can say.

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  6. SkyBleu

    What rockbox theme is that? :)
  7. IceClass
    image.jpg image.jpg
  8. miceblue

    I believe this is the Amarok theme. I chose it because it displays a lot of information, the album art, and is a pretty display screen overall. :D
  9. JoeDoe
    Transformers - robots in disguise...
  10. psion84
    Just got the intruder. W4r just reached a whole other level going balanced. [​IMG] 
    This is how i transport for my gear around. (Camera bags work great with audio equipment!)
  11. IceClass


    I'm enjoying this combination of components a LOT. My only concerns so far are battery life and the need for two of the three components to recharge via wall wart and AC power. Overheating is a concern with the Continental in a pocket or small bag. Lovely sound though. The W4Rs like them as much as I do.
  12. DemonFox
    Hey, I've seen that CLAS before [​IMG] How are you liking it? Happy to see you can actually use it with your iPod unlike my 2006 model lol 
  13. DemonFox
    ALO Rx Mk3b+ and 5.5th Gen iPod video 30GB my main portable setup
  14. SkyBleu
    So, I just made this foamed-out case, from the use of an old Poker set case, along with some egg-carton foam from a camera case, and thought I might show you guys:)
    As you may have noticed, I had to trim down the egg-carton foam a bit to allow it to actually fit my rig parts inside of the case.
    The only thing that I need to do now, if I can be bothered, is to replace the locking mechanism, as this one is fairly old, and is becoming rather weak. If anyone has any idea where I can acquire a simply locking mechanism, or what those parts are called, do let me know! [​IMG]
    Rig consists of the following:
    Source: Colorfly C3 (Soon to be a iBasso DX50)
    Amp: JDS Labs C5
    Interconnect: Onest11 Right-Angle 3.5mm-to-3.5mm
    Headphones: V-Moda M-100
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  15. lin0003
    Awesome rig!
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