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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. miceblue
    Admittedly I looked at the Pokémon cards before the CIEMs. Is that a mythical 1st edition shiny Charizard that was so sought-after back in around 1998? I just re-watched "Pokémon: the Movie 2000" yesterday, the one with Lugia.
  2. White Lotus
    Right, that's it, lets battle. 
  3. CosmicHolyGhost
  4. longbowbbs
    Thanks Rudi! They are a wonderful upgrade.
  5. 24Bit
    Only 1st Edition Charizard's are tame enough to be Audiophiles.  
  6. kimvictor
    Lol. Pokemon is really fun though.
  7. 24Bit
    I had a shadowless 1st edition charizard in A+ Condition kept in a metal box from the late 90s.  Traded it for a Mazda 6 a few years ago.  Good times.
  8. JoeDoe

    Hahaha. What.
  9. 24Bit
  10. kimvictor
    Holy crap. That's two HD800 XD
  11. marko93101
    That works too [​IMG]
    Oh, not you! Just those who quote posts straight after someone posts it! :p
    White Lotus, sweeeet rig man! 
  12. snapple10
    marko93101 likes this.
  13. White Lotus

    What kind of Pokemon is that?
  14. Swollen17
  15. muzic4life
    New toys just came in....The TG334 & Parterre.
    So how does the sound? To be honest to my self....they don't impressed me much as what i expected at the first place. The only makes them different from my SM64/W4R/UM3x, is that they have more room in their sound, is more spacious and feel like a bit bigger in sound and also maybe more neat in presentation. Does that means better than my W4R? My answer is NOPE ! Technically speaking, probably they do, but speaking from overall enjoyment, from my initial listening (1 hour), from the setup above, i would prefer this below setup for sure !
    The fitears Parterre and tg334, i do feel they not really good to be paired with an amp. I might be wrong, i need some more listening hours, but i do feel they can perform better (more proper) if direct connected to let say just an ipod OR DAP (like my tera). But for the Tera it self, i prefer the Parterre to 334. However, how much different does the enjoyment between tera+parterre VS tera+UM3x/w4r? I would say not much different, i feel like the UM3x/w4r has more intimate sounding if plugged to Tera.
    Just to answer my "long" curiosity to my self, how does this TG334 actually compared to fulsize like my HD650 using the portable gear?? Now i can answer this my self...i would definitely say...i do MUCH prefer this below set up compared to above setup using the both Fitears. 
    The 000 cable - i thought this should be a pure silver edition cable from Fitears, the funny thing is..when i tried to both the parterre and tg334, i do feel the highs is more rounded and the bass has more impact, which i don't like, especially to my tg334, which i think, one at a time the tg334's bass already too much for my taste.
    Sometimes ago, one of my friend told me, the presentation and the sound image of tg334 will be more similar to HD800 or other fullsize, but to me, it is definitely NOT !! compared to my T1 or my HD800 - for the sound image it self, both cans has a FAR better presentation when it comes to that regards.
    Overall presentation for the Parterre and TG334 is not bad at all, but for my taste, is not that perfect, but of course is above the so-so level IEMs. I will do some more listening, who knows i can love them more.
    This is just my very initial and very honest impression from me. 
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