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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. wormsdriver
    1. [​IMG]
    1. Tus-Chan
    2. [​IMG]
    4. online
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    What is the point of having different impedances and different gain settings at the same time?

    it's worked out great for me so far, since I have (for example) Grado Rs1. It is low impedance, but needs a good deal of power to sound it's best. They are there for you to set whatever setting best suits your headphone/iem.
  2. Tus-Chan
    ...but both settings do the exact same thing in practice (manipulation of output voltage), just with different methodologies. I just don't see the purpose of having both at the same time, and I was wondering if you knew something that the first method does that the second method does not.
  3. wormsdriver
    ^ I copied and pasted this from the CEntrance Hifi-M8 product page:  
    Analog Specs

      Freq. Response

    20 Hz...50 kHz (flat EQ circuit)

      S/N Ratio

    113 dB (A-weighted)


    0.002 % (mid gain position)


    -103 dB (at 1kHz)

      Output Impedance

    1, 2, 11 Ohm, selectable

      Output Power

    1.4 W (max), 1 W (typical)


    16...600 Ohm

      Output voltage

    -2 dBV (nominal, max gain) use with less-sensitive over-the head headphones

        -10 dBV (nominal, mid gain) use for connecting to line-level consumer audio equipment

        -22 dBV (nominal, min gain) use with ultra-sensitive IEM headphones

    Sorry, I'm not a very technical guy when it comes to these things. Hope this helps!
  4. DMinor
    Nothing new except my DIY LOD (1st ever diy cable), let's call it Super LOD. [​IMG]
  5. vincent215
    I am curious how do you use your ipod with that cover?
  6. DMinor

    The amp wallet is very practical for carrying the gear also for operating ipod. It also protects gears. I hate those straps.
  7. doublea71
    Call it the "Minor Victory"
  8. vincent215
    I would feel annoyed everytime that I have to take the ipod out to change track,because moving the trackpad through that plastic screen is a pain.
  9. DMinor
    haha like that. Honestly diy is fun and now I know how those guys rip off head-fi'ers by selling a LOD for 200 bucks.
    NO no no you have to try it. For the ipod video it's like a charm. For the ipod classic my 1st amp wallet had trouble but my 2nd one has no trouble due to more sensitive material used for the transparent cover. But I don't care for the classic's b/c I now can't stand its sound after modding these 5.5g's.
  10. NorthernAvengeR
    Anyone familiar with that cable? I need it for when my M8 eventually arrives :)~
  11. angelo898
    isnt that just a normal usb otg cable
  12. Jonathan Khong
    Fostex Hpp1 as Dac
    Ray Samuel Audio Sr-71B 
    Shure Se-535 Ltd J Pure silver cable balanced cable mod.
    Taken with EOS 5D Mark II Macro Lens
  13. snapple10

    My good morning rig
  14. ButtUglyJeff
    I have the other amp wallet (for the stack) with the same clear cover.  I have no issues using my iPod touch though it...
  15. Nicolas L
    OH MY. ANOTHER HONGKONGER. GLAD TO SEE YOU AROUND <3 真係估唔到E道都會有香港人。:) Nice rig btw. How much does it cost in total?
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