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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. M3NTAL
    Now you need a balanced CLAS in there!
  2. sjolander21
    I haven't tried Poweramp, but I've heard varying comments about it, some say it's the best player around, while some whine about bad sound quality... I reckon there is a trial version you can download and hear for yourself about the sound quality. 
    As for USB Audio Recorder Pro, the only reason I bought it is because it's the only player I've heard of that supports digital audio output through USB OTG cable. It works splendid, powers my FiiO E10, Audioquest Dragonfly, and feeds my stationary Musical Fidelity X-DAC V8 with audio. Sadly it's not at all intended as a music player, since you have to load every song from your Music directory (there is a primitive "playlist" function), and it's not possible to change the volume digitally (for example - the Audioquest Dragonfly will only output max volume level) but the ability to extract digital audio makes me overlook these things... 
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  3. sjolander21
    Another possible combination: 
    Galaxy S4 --> USB Audio Recorder Pro --> USB OTG --> Audioquest Dragonfly --> FiiO E7 (or E11) --> Focal Spirit One
  4. rudi0504
    My Blackberry Z10 + Neutron Music Player set up as high end DAP ( my IMO )

    Source : Blackberry Z10 + Neutron Music Player
    Amps : Ortofon MHQ 7
    Sony PHA 1
    RSA The Intruder
    Iem : Unique Melody 3 DD
    Cable : Wagnus mini to mini

    High : very detail , clean and very clear , clarity very good
    Mid : very clear , clean and sweet midrange
    Bass : very detail and clean and very good and deep bass impact and very good bass speed
    Separation : very good that I can know the instrument placement
    Soundstage : very wide and very good depth too
    This soundstage can adjust with the Neutron setting
    Black background : has black background and low noise floor

    Conculsion : Blackberry Z10 as DAP has excellent SQ , my IMO is as high end DAP
    With external Amp , we can refine the excellent SQ in better way


  5. Tus-Chan
    I demoed them yesterday and they sound even worse than the originals. No soundstaging whatsoever (they sound about as headphoney as headphones can get), very sloppy bass control, ANC hiss without any cancellation whatsoever, and very shallow, uncomfortable pads.
  6. miceblue
    The soundstage wasn't any worse than the Amperior from memory using the same music tracks. The earpads were plenty comfortable to me (i.e. Bose QC15 comfy). Bass control was never a thing with Beats by Dre headphones. [​IMG]
    Your pair must have been defective then since the ANC was pretty dang good on my pair.
  7. VisceriousZERO
    I've been using Poweramp with the S4 and its been working well with USB audio so I was jut wondering how it sounded... Thanks though!
  8. ExpatinJapan
    Idevice DAC/Amp and Audio Technica audio pron.

  9. ExpatinJapan
    Back of the Hifi-M8.
    From left: impedance switches 1ohm, 2ohm and 11 ohm, 3 gain settings, 3 bass and 3 treble.

  10. longbowbbs
    Nice Expat! Any thoughts on the M8?
  11. ExpatinJapan
    This is the impressions thread,
    I have two earlier trade impressions written up and i dont think my overall impressions have changed greatly since then.
    I have written up a Hifi-M8 vs Fostex hp_p1 impressions post but need to work on it a bit further. Suffice to say i will be selling my Fostex hp_p1.
    The Hifi-M8 is a great piece of audio kit (and comes in 8 different combinations). It sounds and performs excellent, the various hardware switches, the powerful amplifier 1.5W......
    This is probably the fullest review to date so far
  12. wormsdriver
    Back of the Hifi-M8 LX: IMG_6594.jpg
  13. Tus-Chan
    What is the point of having different impedances and different gain settings at the same time?
  14. lin0003
    That was exactly what I was thinking...
  15. ExpatinJapan
    Hifi-m8 for idevices and various android devices and computers.

    Hifi-m8 LX version for ak100 etc(via optical), various android devices and computers.

    For those who came in late.....
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