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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. muzic4life
    The pico power/glacier/intruder these are very capable amps for driving hard to drive cans. However...you should know what good about them...they also able to drive iems (even the sensitive one) smoothly. No hiss or what so ever. Its just good.
  2. alv4426
    I have had the Headstage Arrow 4G, ALO MKii, and the Power with almost all my current headphones (including my JH Audio JH5 and all my headphones are easy to drive). With the Power you could easily tell it was better than the others. The Power + JH5 using my NFB10 as a DAC is almost at the level of the AD2000 to me. ASG-2 is even closer in the same configuration. I couldn't say that with the other amps with all the other stuff being the same.
    You really should not comment on stuff you haven't heard.
  3. xplosive
    ak100 (fw 1.33) + xduoo xp-1 + venturecraft interconnect + marshall major
    sound pretty amazing.. (sorry for crappy pic)
  4. J.Pocalypse
    You had me all the way up to the headphones.. I've never heard them myself. Could they be considered the weak link in the chain? I do not mean to offend. Its just typical 'round here to see a kind of tier in quality of hardware.
  5. kimvictor
    Hmm. Interesting. Is there anyway I can demo a Pico power? I could demo some portable amps at local audio store, but they never have anything from Headamp.
  6. xplosive

    It is actually imo the best direct pairing with ak100 stock. Compared to my sm64 v2, and ath esw11 it has the most natural vocal sound, and guitar sound is very good. Maybe just my tin ear. :D
  7. kimvictor
    Bombarding this tread with pics. Sorry!
    HD598 with hand braided(by myself to shorten the length) cable
    Same done to SRH940's cable.
    And my most portable and most expensive set up. UERM+AK100+Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII. Next buy is mid-fi Mini-Mini cable.
    BTW, I wonder why everybody thinks I carry around a brick. AK100 and UHA-6S.MKII is actually very small and portable.
    Actually, UHA-6S.MKII is a bit thick.
    But much thinner than an altoid can! Think of AK100+UHA-6S as carrying a wallet and an altoid tied together. That's pretty portable, right?
  8. lin0003
    Good rig. I think that you'd be better off upgrading your source rather than buying an interconnect though. I still bet that it'll sound awesome.
  9. kimvictor
    Why? AK100 is a very competent source. I can't find something with better with battery life and sound quality in it's price range.
  10. lin0003
    ]Yes, but for the combined price of the AK100 + UHA 6S MKII + interconnect will buy you something like the HDP-R10 which has 12 hours of battery life.
  11. kimvictor
    Believe it or not, I got my AK100 for under $450 new. Anyways, HDP-R10 is very interesting, but I simply cannot deal with bad UI. I'm thinking about getting a RWAK100-S mod, which will make my rig sound very very good.
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  12. lin0003
    ]Yes, the UI of the HDP-R10 is not very good, but the sound makes up for that.
  13. xoundmonster
    Portables revisited. Got tired of amping and all, so decided to just go directly unamped.
    Sony Walkman E463 + Shure se535 red + pelican case for storage
    Sony Walkman E463 + V-Moda m80 Crossfade
    Waiting for my 535 aftermarket cables and m80 custom shields atm, thinking of upgrading my DAP, if possible any opinions on the latest sony walkman series? 
    Thanks :) Cheers!
  14. knights
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  15. ButtUglyJeff
    ^^^ I need to try the "loop" you did with the 30 pin...
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