Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)
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Ouch, that's a lot for a few inches of cable :)
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That's a Kimber Kable, right? I love that sleek black look on that Kimber. I use the braided copper Kimber on my IER-M9 but that black looks sick and I bet it's not as stiff and unwieldy as the braided one. Where'd you even find one of those?

EDIT: oops I just looked it up and it's not a Kimber. It's just a cable from the XBA series? It looks sick regardless. I do want one of the black Kimbers though

Don’t know about regular black Kimber cables, though the Sony Kimber cable is this one; pictured above. But in my opinion if this is the braided one you own, it’s actually slightly better sounding. I have both. This one is slightly smoother to my ears. But due to fear of doing too many cable changes; I leave cables on IEMs for the most part. Your right though the Black XBA cable may be slightly less stiff.
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Yes Romi is really cool modding shop!! They are patient fast on reply's I dealt everything via Facebook chat but you can call of course if you want. They done my wm1z in 4 days that including testing the device for 30 hours.
I got the full mode Ultimate, pretty much the last batch of the Black Gate caps. Got 18 caps replaced for bg and that around 60% of 1z caps! Wires have been changed to pure occ litz silver, battery wires replaced for pure occ copper litz and battery changed to.

So far everything functions without any issues. Sounds amazing! 1z has a new flavor bg caps are among the best performers and has the least distortion. I still need to run 400 hours to let the dap burn it self properly to reach the recommended functional state.

As for the amp, its really transparent it doesn't add anything honestly, almost feels like it cleans the sound more lol. Like my 1z has very warm sound this amp seems to clean that warmth a little and make it more balanced and a little more natural feel. Its extremely powerful I only use it at 1/4 in low gain. I dont hear any hiss with my iems. The only little thing I am not sure about is the volume knob it only happens in very low volume sector of the rotation like in the beginning and slightly up to the 1/4 region its like tshhh shhhh sound like when you move the volume knob it does that electronic shhhh tshhh effect, I am sorry dont know how you call this :)
I assure you this is not a problem! its very quiet and only hearable probably on iem and when your music playing and turning the knob I dont hear it.
Its very quiet only happens in the 1/4 and bellow region.

I dont find any channel dis-balance it equal left and right all the way to 0 lvl. Very nice amplification clean transparent and pure. I can feel my music being like elevated and equalized the low volume part that is harder to hear is now much louder and very even. Yes I know sounds almost like a dynamic range equaliser but no, its some hw amplifys sound and make it loud and clean and clear !

Honestly this is a steal for only like 600$ usd I got in CAD$ so it was 900. Its very affordable and for what it offers is total crazyness!
Full Class A amp
3000mw ouput
got all the connectors 4.4 / 2.5 balanced and 3.5 unbalanced All in and out for each !! You can input unbalanced to balanced I think I havent tried it...
You can charge via usb C and listen same time!
portable can last around 6 hours I think I havent tried yet.
it has an Led battery status so no worries getting a surprise :)

How much did it cost for the Sony dap mod

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