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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
  1. KittySneeze
    Here’s my go-to setup:

    Source: IPhone XSM
    Amp/Dac: Fiio Q5s with AM3D module
    Amp Case: DD Audio Q5 Case
    iPhone Case: Burkley Case, magnetic removable cover

    I went with this setup because I didn’t like most common methods for stacking amps/sources. Here’s a rundown of my past experience and issues:
    - Rubber bands obscure the screen
    - Dual lock is semi permanent, and Adhesive is tough to remove.
    -Adhesive Tac Putty was a bit messy in warm weather/didn’t form a strong enough bond.

    My solution uses the bands on the DD case to attach to a magnetic, removable iPhone cover. This allows me to easily separate the two by simply pulling the magnetically attached cover from my phone. Magnets work to both keep the source to the amp via the cover, and they also work when the cover is folded over to stack the two on top of each other.

    7D220516-E3FF-46CE-AE9D-DE5ED50964BD.jpeg C75D3F28-0843-4DC0-9876-52D0C85B3455.jpeg E668E023-764A-4FFF-8651-60F672563111.jpeg
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  2. zig3n
  3. jmills8
  4. denis1976
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  5. kukkurovaca

    ES100->Massdrop Plus, Earaser earplugs (going to a concert later : )
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  6. PinkyPowers
    Sitting on the back porch smoking a cigar, listening to my LCD-3 from the T01 after a few days of straight burn-in.

    Great sound! Highly resolved and refined, with grand soundstage.

    N6ii & LCD-3 01.jpg
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  7. psikey
    Hiby R5 with SE846 SE & Balanced. Sony BT remote.

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  8. darmanastartes
    I love that Fiio cable, I have the SE version on my Nicehck M6.
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  9. hung031086
  10. Obukhov
    Soundaware Esther + AK Rosie
  11. DatDudeNic
    Gosh what camera do you use?
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  12. Amadeo Nospherathu
    Lotoo Paw 6000 + Dita gold.
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  13. Obukhov
    That was Sony A77 + Minolta 50 2.8 Macro
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  14. snapple10
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