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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
  1. ExpiredLabel

    Recently acquired Tracluent 1plus2.2 w/ mezzo soprano in house tuning mod and maestro cable... E6158AF9-90B7-41C9-906D-A9E60E1E72F2.jpeg DF6979E6-B535-42B7-A0E9-62F0248C8C7A.jpeg

    Incidentally new phone camera to mess with 31D4AFC3-9127-43B2-8EDB-63189D614BB8.jpeg

    The two things of note, besides how mezzo approaches their own method of breaking in their Audio gear, this was particularly married to this vintage tonearm cable. It was terminated to Se with a extension cable also Se to widen soundstage. After carful listening the last couple days I can confirm it does seem to distribute the picture more evenly across where as without it, the IEM sound more upfront and exciting
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  2. Mimouille
    MZ is doing Tralucent mods? Is there any info on that?
  3. ExpiredLabel
    From my understanding they will do this particular mod w/ any C/IEM or source. As far as the burn in portion. If you have headphones/C/IEMS you can request they make a maestro for it. Each maestro is different as Chim (If that’s who I’m thinking of) takes on the project and personally marries the headphone/C/IEM to whichever cable he feels can highlight the sonic attributes already there. This includes the solder, from which it seems is a combination of types to achieve the overall purpose. In this case he chose a vintage tonearm cable, and call me crazy, however, based on what I’m hearing I don’t really have a feeling/reason to upgrade to a balanced termination. As mentioned previously the extension cable not only allows me to more comfortably listen to my music but gives that little width extension. The 901s and nakamura headphone conditioner partnered with the 1plus2.2 provide something close to a view from a morning overlook from a mountain in the spring time. Colder sure, however clear and precise. Textured and full bodied. Resolution is outstanding.

    Based on small time so far comparing w/headphone conditioner and without is the slightest bit of depth comes into play and the mid bass to low bass really tightens up. I started listening to this around 2-3 on the 901s initially for critical listening purposes, however, once I pushed it up to 4-5 the fullness of the bass rounded out and lent to more body. What I’m hearing now has caught me off guard a touch, where before it seemed lacking in that department or again just not as full bodied and textured as it does with slightly higher listening levels. I definitely feel this IEM feeds off whatever power you give it. The bass just gets better and more articulate.

    Later on I’m scheduled for the Null Audio cable line up. With what they have it should be a great chance to put the maestro through its paces and compare this vintage tonearm cable to other cables of more recent make and quality. I’m still very surprised myself to hear a tonearm cable was picked for this particular IEM.

    Main link here:
  4. ExpiredLabel
    I forgot to add they typically from what I was told do break-in with new units. This was all done when the unit was new. I believe it takes 4-6 weeks but confirm with link
  5. jmills8
    Second, third hand iem.
  6. Mimouille
    Wow, the guys are charging to burn in your iems in a specific manner. That is rich.
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  7. haiku
    Already noticed it, but thanks for the confirmation!
  8. haiku
    AK380 + SP1000 are build to sound best when using SE + Balanced at the same time. It´s called True Balanced, AK has even build a special plug for it, but it´s only used in Asia. Masanori, the designer of the Mass Kobo, has build the amp especially for the AK380 in true balanced mode. And yes, it sounds exceptionally good, like home audio gear. Wide soundstage, extremely black background, outstanding transparency, as I´ve said, it leaves no wishes unfulfilled.
  9. haiku
  10. ExpiredLabel
    I can’t really say too much about it one way or the other, just that it cost the original owner extra time and cash. He felt it was worth it all things considered and so at the least, I can be happy they are thoroughly broken in and are what I was looking for on the used market. I am looking forward to putting this cable against others and seeing what I hear, until then, I can at least say I’m happy with what I’ve got and look forward to comparisons with UM.
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  11. mathi8vadhanan
    The single ended cable is to just provide a common ground between the player and amp.
    Just like the AK's PEF12 cable.
  12. mrphoebs
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  13. fiascogarcia
    So it's like having a personal shopper for your cable purchase?
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  14. Darren Cotter
    FiiO X7ii & F9 Pro.jpg
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  15. kubig123
    I didn't listen to my SE5U for few weeks and I forgot how awesome it sounds :ksc75smile::ksc75smile::ksc75smile:

    AK SP1000cu -> EA Leonidas -> SE5U
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