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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
  1. NaiveSound
    20180221_103155.jpg Chord Mojo /Poly to Ares 2 to Zeus XR
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  2. Podster
    Nice Naive, is that a Florida Gator cover:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    M5 DV2.JPG
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  3. willywill
    Triple stack to my PHA3 battery fully charge...in 6 hours
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  4. NaiveSound

    Cowhide easecase keeps mojopoly tight
    Original chord case was garbage , the wristwrap broke off and I lost my combo. Chord should stick with making dacs, cases are not their expertise, by any means
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  5. LaCap
    Hey what is this cover for the Mojo/Poly? Looks nice :)
  6. Dickymint
    For me it is not that the treble is harsh for my depleted ears, the treble is lacking and recessed.
  7. NaiveSound
    Easecase on amazon
  8. LaCap
    Thanks! I'll have a look.
  9. Zhanming057
    The SP1000 paired with the legendary Ultrasone Edition 9's :)


  10. Oscar-HiFi
    Audio Opus #2 > Atlas Cables Zeno IEM > Clear Tune VS2

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  11. Podster
    Gerr-Nade, everyone duck:rolling_eyes: jk Oscar, couldn't help it:smirk:

    Clean shots @Zhanming057 , Zones never looked so good:thumbsup:

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  12. Zhanming057
    Thanks :grinning: Yeah those were damn tough shots because of the mirror finish. The second one is lit with two LED strobes and an offset macro ring light to get that contrasty look on the E9's.
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  13. Deftone
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  14. Mimouille
    What is on the Mojo?
  15. Deftone
    That would be Chord’s official leather case, it came as a freebie when I purchased Mojo.
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