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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
  1. cj3209
    I don't get out much...what was wrong with the HD700s?
  2. Deftone
    Treble is harsher than the HD800
  3. Fabaaroan
    A simple but wonderfull little rig

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  4. ExpiredLabel
    What's the source?
  5. Fabaaroan
    An onkyo dp-s1.
    I appreciate a lot the size and the sound of course.
  6. mrphoebs
    Good music at sunset

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  7. Barra
    Nothing is wrong with them, I have both the HD800 and the HD700 and love them both. It is just the way of HeadFi, you have uber fans and uber haters that both take opinions to the Nth degree. The SQ is also dependent on your setup and everyone has different hearing capabilities and signature preferences so the results vary depending on those things too.
  8. ExpiredLabel
    I have heard as well that slight modding to the HD700 can really open them up. No direct experience with them though.
  9. Barra
    SonarWorks does wonders for the HD700 too. I am using their True-Fi plugin with great results just like I am getting on the HD800. They have a plugin for both which definitely takes both to a new level.
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  10. ExpiredLabel
    I had never heard of sonarworks before. This is familiar to me in the sense I used to use PMEQ to cancel out the frequency curve of the mh1c back in the day when I just had that and my laptop. This is easier though since you have a database at your fingertips with multiple headphones already graphed for you. Truly cool and convenient.
  11. Barra
    It is a free trial too so easy to test. What is nice is that they have an engage/disengage button that lets you A/B the difference so the value is in your face. Better yet, they have been holding a special sale price for a while if you became interested.
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  12. ExpiredLabel
    oh wow. Hmm I like that. However, something good has come up and unfortunately I need to pass at the present. I will keep this on my radar. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. milesjunkie
    D0FCACFE-A1D8-48A0-B4EC-966BC5946455.jpeg Hiby R6 — T51p
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  14. snapple10
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