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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
  1. Podster
    Dang troublemakers:rolling_eyes: LOL

    So who puts a $665 iem on a $60 Chinese stack?? The Pod does and let me tell you if you love vinyl and the analog sound as much as I do this is as close to my home rig as I've ever heard since becoming a member of Head-Fi (Can't believe it's been 10 years now):open_mouth: Simply Amazeballs:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Holy Analog Heaven R1F1V2.JPG
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  2. PinkyPowers
    Oh dear!

    I've taken my Opus#2>Thor II>Encore setup to work every day this week. Such impressive sound.

    So what is this IEM and stack? Do tell!
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  3. Podster
    Well since you have asked so nicely the Stack is the Walnut V2 DAP and matching F1 amp driving IMR's (Bob James) R1 Dual 13mm Dynamic one Hybrid Ceramic and the other Beryllium. I'm sure you will start seeing reviews of these ien's soon, here's a head start:




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  4. kertong
    AK240SS, Noble Audio Kaiser Encores, Nobunaga Labs 2.5mm balanced/TRRS cable <3
  5. PinkyPowers
    Thanks man. That R1 is interesting.
  6. haiku
    I´m having a great time with these 2 Black Beauties tonight!

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  7. Gavin C4
    I guess at least the earphone is portable...

    Unleash the full power of Westone 1

    WeChat Image_20171210182801.jpg
  8. davidcotton
    Are those spinfit tips, and if so how do you find them on the westones? Got a set of 2017 um1 and am struggling to find a decent tip for it!
  9. Gavin C4
    Yes they are spin fit. Since spin fit is quite soft, they do not feel firm in my ears. But they provide great sound quality. My favorite tips are Acoustune Genuine Eartips, they provide a firm fit to my ears. Spin fit is the runner-up.
  10. howdy
    Enjoying this big time! The sound sig of this and my Alclair RSMs is a match made in heaven!!!!
  11. Kundi
    Fiio X7III?
  12. howdy
    FiiO X7ii
  13. matique

    Wonderful small rig, though it is disastrously thick. I just leave it in my bag and control the m1 via hiby. Works fantastic.
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  14. kubig123
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