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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
  1. RedJohn456

    Nice gear!
    I havent heard of the Z ting before. Where can I find out more about them? :)
  2. NaiveSound
    All these cool rigs ans all I have is dx80 to mojo to se846 :/
  3. PinkyPowers

    You poor, unfortunate beggar. :wink:
    davidcotton likes this.
  4. supplehope

    It's a pretty nice looking rig, in my opinion.
  5. oldmate
    I was listening to my original X3 and Dunu DN1000's last night in bed thinking to myself how happy I am I did not tumble down the rabbit hole. I very nearly did.[​IMG] 
  6. cristobalroy
    Rig for the day.

  7. Cotnijoe
    What IEM is that? Looks nice
  8. cristobalroy

    Jomo 6.
  9. metinnitem1
    Thanks Yağız. :wink:
    Hybrid mini to mini (Cu and Ag)
    75 ohm adaptor (Cu)
    [mod edit (Brooko) - fixed image links]
  10. rudi0504

    Thank you

    Please try to Find on Tao bao China

    I Bought locally In Indonesia
  11. Gosod
    they look like Heir audio 8ai
  12. Danneq

    You can subscribe to this earbud thread. BloodyPenguin just received a pair and was going to write a review, but aparently there is something wrong with his pair, so a new pair will be sent to him.

    You can buy Ting from Easy earphone on Aliexpress. They also sell Tomahawk from the same maker (Music Maker). BloodyPenguin's review of the Tomahawk.

    And while I cannot upload pictures right now, you'll just have to imagine how today's vintage setup of Creative Zen Vision: M to FiiO E11 via line out on dongle adapter looks like. 2 budget earbuds are today's choice: VE Monk and Dasetn MX1.
  13. Turrican2

    mojo battery died but pleasantly surprised by the paw5000 performance on its own, great pairing with the k3003, still prefer mojo though
  14. RedJohn456

    This is my set up for the day FiiO X7 -> Zen 1.0   I am all about earbuds these days :wink: that thread you linked is great, subbed a while back but havent had a chance to check it out as often these days. The Ting Z and Music Maker both look to be great finds.
    But yeah, most of my portable listening is done via earbuds now. 90% via the monk and the other 10% with Zen 2, LZ A2 iem and Havi B3 Pro 1. 
    I pulled out the Zen 1 today after a long hiatus just to give it another whirl and it sure didn't disappoint! But I am absolutely blown away by how well the monk scales with gear, its a perfect match for my X7. Cant wait to get the new medium power module for the X7 and unlock its full potential. [​IMG]
  15. EISENbricher
    Just got my Monks today. It's been years since I've opted for earbuds. 
    Do you have Monks? Are Zen much better sounding than Monks? Because I like the monks already : )

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