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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
  1. mrhizzo


    That's what I need. I tried to find the page from this brand, and I couldn't. Thanks!

    I bought some days ago the case for the Onkyo, using Tenso or something like this. I will see more cases in this page now. ;p
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  2. rayeonsg
  3. HiFiChris Contributor
  4. howdy
    Here are my new cables from Forza Audioworks!
    Oppo HA2>Ipod Touch 5g>Forza Claire>Oppo PM3 &
    A&K Jr.>Forza Audio Clair>Alclair RSM CIEM
  5. willywill
    Quick picture Of the 64 Audio U6 and Sony ZX2
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  6. Kundi
    What do you think of the U6's?
  7. DR650SE
    Little bit of old skool and a little bit of new skool. 20160121_203018.jpg
  8. thepooh

    Nice, is it running on the stock battery or it has been replaced? I have some old iPods that has serious battery issues after 5 years of usage, and it's a real challenge to get them replaced
  9. willywill
    Massive bass, i am going to burn them in for 50 hours and hope the bass tighten
  10. yacobx

    I've replaced a few iPod batteries, all you needs is YouTube and eBay
  11. NaiveSound
  12. Redcarmoose

    That is a complex question. Each one they have ever made sounds slightly different. On Head-Fi you will have different people who like different ones.

    As a generalization they are OK. Only really OK. Still something like the Touch G5 will actually noticeably scale with higher bit rate FLAC files. The Dac is maxed out at a sample rate of something like 24bit-48kHz. So In comparison there are way better portable and home DACs out there. Even if your a member of the 16 bit - 44.1 kHz camp, other DACs even do just that way better. What some Apple products do is offer a flat-non-noticeably wrong sound signature.

    The redeeming factor for folks is the UI, gone is all the slow lagging and downright stupid BS you get with much of the high-end portable DACs in this community.

    With Apple Touch you get a smooth super high definition UI experience second to none. Too bad they are doing away with the headphone jacks on the iPhone 7. No more Apple for us types.
  13. HiFiChris Contributor

    The overall implementation is mire important than the used chip - the same DAC/Amp in two devices can sound totally different because of the internal design.
    Saying that, the older iPod models were mediocre at best, not measuring that well either. I even had an iPod Nano 1G that had massive channel imbalance over the LO (none over the HO surprisingly)n dynamic range, noise and distortion levels were rather poor. I don't find the last Classic to be that good either.
    The newer generations are quite decent imho.

    Seems like Apple discontinued the iPods though (just look at their website, the iPods are hidden somewhere in the shop and can't be found on the main site anymore).
  14. h1f1add1cted
    Rig of the day
    Source: Samsung S4 with UAPP for streaming
    DAC: Hifime Sabre ES9018K2M
    AMP: Meier Audio Corda Quickstep
    Zwischenablage02.jpg Zwischenablage03.jpg
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  15. On The And Of 1

    Stack attack!

    Assuming the Hifime Sabre ES9018K2M improves upon the SQ of the S4?

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