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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
  1. cn11
    Coming from ZX2 / UM Mason, I just sort of decided spur of the moment to try the QP1R & Campfire Audio Jupiter... I thought it would be hard to improve on the ZX2/Mason, but it's happened....
  2. ndburley
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  3. willywill
    How does the Jupiter and Sony zx2 sound, if you try it. The Jupiter was $1300 but the price drop to $900 which is a lot better, money saved can go towards a balanced cable for the ZX2  
  4. NaiveSound

    I see Porta pros quite a bit here and there, what's it with them? Are they abnormally good for the price? Or do people have them because it's affordable?

    What's the sound like?
  5. ndburley
    The porta pros are like enjoyable. The are good in sound for the price and I can lay down with these and drift away listening to the doves or Kasabian and enjoy it massively. The thing with the Koss Porta pro is that they are not the best in my collection but and remind you of how good your best headphones are as we all get used to anything we use a lot. The Koss on a bus or walking to work are great and I think it is worth having them in your collection.
    also its like wearing the 80's on your ears :) 
  6. PinkyPowers

    lol. That's a fantastic selling point! :gs1000smile:
  7. cn11
    Yeah it's great that the price came down from $1299. It really helps save funds for other gear.
    The Jupiter sounds fantastic out of every source I've tried it with, from the iPhone 6+, to ZX2, up to the QP1R or course. It sounds best out of the Questyle, but the ZX2 does totally fine by it too. The Jupiter doesn't require crazy power levels and any of these sources drive it totally fine. 
  8. HiFiChris Contributor

    They are classic and inexpensive, that's all.

    Tonality is very bassy, warm and dark - nothing I personally like. Resolution is more or less okay for the price, but there are better in-ears for less imho.
    They sound quite muffled and veiled - still their resolution and bass speed is very slightly better than the Sennheiser PX 100-II's (I wouldn't be surprised if they used the same drivers, as sound is almost identical).

    What's good about them is that they are very lightweight and don't isolate exterior noise. Whenever I want to use open-back headphones for sports, the Koss are a good choice - lightweight, cheap, stay in place quite well. Nonetheless they sound only mediocre and I am no fan of their tonality, so I tame the lows and add some treble to make them more balanced and less muffled sounding. Haven't used them for about two years though.
    Oh, and the headband adjustment mechanism likes to pull out hair.
  9. ndburley
    Agreed the Koss are not the best sounding but handy for the lack of isolation. My wife got these for my birthday and I still enjoy giving them a blast on the way to work for example. They are light and easy to store in a bag. They feel weak but you can throw a lot at them and also I loved the look of them, its like a trow back to the 80's when they first came out. 
  10. TwirlyWhirly555

     Thanks :) , It seemed like a good place to start
  11. zilch0md
    Truly. In my opinion, for a portable setup, any reasonable amount of money you might spend trying to experiment with improving either the source, the UI, or the DAC will likely take you down a notch.
    You've completely bypassed all the misery many of us have long endured with the bug-ridden UIs and jump-through-hoops file format and storage limitations imposed by so many DAP manufacturers, requiring endless firmware updates and frankly, modifications to our own behavior, threading a mine-field of bugs - literally enabling dysfunctional designs in what amounts to nothing short of co-dependency. 
    In my opinion, about the only avenues left to explore for your rig would be different headphones and/or a portable amp. if the headphones need more power than the HA-2 can provide.
    Update: You might want to get one of these - it makes the rig much more pocketable: 
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  12. marko93101
    Very jealous of this set up! Really want the HA-2 but the €350 price tag it comes with is hard to justify.
  13. HiFiChris Contributor
    IMG_20160107_113540.jpg   IMG_20160107_113759.jpg
    IMG_20160107_114128.jpg   IMG_20160107_114026.jpg
    IMG_20160107_113959.jpg   IMG_20160107_113938.jpg
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  14. Whitigir
    For Sunday relaxation

    Fostex th900 with upgraded silver removable cables
    TRRS Balanced connection to Zx2
    Solid silver braided 10 cores main cables


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