Pictures Of Your Portable Rig (part XV)
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Pardon the quality of the photo!
2 DIYmods! and o2 amp! and TWag v2 TF10!
Getting HD650 this weekend!

How's the O2 amp? I'm on the list for a built up one.... 
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Now I regret not picking one up during the weekend when they were $30 :xf_eek:

There's still some good deals for the Zip online and it's nice but if you have the Clip + there's nothing really on it better, I got mine cause all the one's I had were v1's/v2's ...

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Can we all come over for expresso, will you bake cookies for us too?


i'm more of a fresh ground, french roast, french pressed many myself..  i really like to let grounds soak in the water for a while to maximize the ...oomph!

I feel a coffee thread coming on, which reminds me, the espresso machine needs a good cleaning, because it's going to get a workout once I get home today!
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-Insert something witty about nice things and small packages-
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Simple, but effective. Sansa Clip+ (4GB + 16GB SD) and XePort 7010
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Simple, but effective. Sansa Clip+ (4GB + 16GB SD) and XePort 7010

Lol, at first I thought they were Mee's. But no....

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