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Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIV]

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by acreo aeneas, Aug 9, 2009.
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  1. loremipsum
    LaaG, you should call your amp "the Power Pellet".
  2. Br777


    sweet! awesome job.  forgive my ignorance.  what is  railsplitter, and what is an AD8620?
    is that giant thing on the right the volume knob?  why is it so long?
  3. LaaG

    That shall be reserved for the bass boost version! [​IMG] I just need to find some time to miniturize everything and make a new layout. Theres a second version of that case (I think it's Blinky) which looks just as bad***.

    In short, a standard CMoy uses 2 resistors+2 capacitors in the power circuit, the TLE2426 railsplitter repalces the resistors and 1 of the capacitors. The AD8620 was an opamp that got alot of hype. I was curious and wanted to know what all the fuss was about.
    Yep, you are right. That long thing sticking out on the right is the volume knob. That was the most suitable 10k pot I could find at the time, it hasn't bothered me enough to replace it.
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  4. Nightslayer

    Love the LOD, looks extremely well made.
  5. LondonGecko
    AK SE100, Atlas Xeno IEM cable and Shure SE846 with Westone Star tips - overkill for the 6:21 train, but I love it.

    Started a few years ago with an iPhone and A-Jays headphones, before trying a Fiio X3, then an AK Jr with Shure SE425s... before jumping to an AK70 with Shure SE535s, then an AK70 Mkii with the Atlas cable and now this. Dangerous hobby... :beyersmile:

  6. F700
    Tonight's companions:
    Dethonray DTR1/HA2 combo
    Forza interconnect
    BQEYZ Spring 1
    Null Audio Arete IV cable

    Very enjoyable setup Indeed

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