Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]
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I can't find it now, but the guy with the N97, iphone 3g/3gs etc. (something X0?) - what was the SQ of the N97 like again? (especially with IEM's!) - i've looked online, and it seems okay, crap through speakers, but I'd like an audiophile opinion! Is it average or good?


I have listended to my N97 for a month now, and I will say that with my Sennheiser CX300 and Sennheiser IE8 (Just recieved yesterday) the sound quality is more than decent.

But it's not very powerfull, it can't drive my Senn PX100 or Koss Porta-Pro to my satisfaction, and it can only just handle the CX300 and IE8.

But the biggest dealbreaker, for me, is that the volume control only works in 10 steps, from zero sound to full blast. I want to listen somewhere between step 9 and 10...

I have now got a Sony NWZ X1050, and wow! Now my N97 is my backup music device, it can't match that Sony. The SQ is a little better, and the amp is fantastic on that Sony! Step 10 (Max) on the Nokia compares to step 20 (out of 30) on the Sony.

But as my phone I still love my N97
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Yeah, that's all i'm looking for... I might use a FiiO e5 to clean up the sound a little and improve the volume problem (my Livewires are very sensetive, so volume steps need to be small!), or use a volume slider adapter.

I'm gonna get some Denon D1001's soon, so if I wanna use them while browsing, or a simple way to stream, i'll plug a larger amp like the Icon Mobile in, however when I go away on holiday etc. i'll take the D2, or grab a larger HDD based player for occasional use, when not having drag and drop doesn't matter, but instead, having quick syncing iTunes simplicity is actually a positive for me - normally I have avoided iPods due to not having drag and drop!

I just think this phone is ideal for me... I don't send many emails on the go, just text, and type the odd post online, so the keyboard should suffice. The browsing with the touch screen I imagine is superior to my E61, and the E71 I would get othrwise, and it will do audio much better with the big touch screen and memory internal, AND expansion (like I do with many SD's on my 4gb Cowon D2). The FM transmitter will also be ideal for my first car next year with one of my dad's old head units (no 3.5mm line in on the front), and the N97 has the big screen for a good satnav in the car, and with the compass, good for my cycling, along with the sports tracker. Also, the 5mp camera looks good, and I was in the market for a small point and shoot to live in my cycling bag, as my Olympus with 10x optical zoom is too big, let alone the DSLR I plan to buy next year... So it seems to suit me better than the E71 would... Just read it is very buggy right now, and i'm concerned about the camera shutter scratching the lens issue, so I have a cheap sim free contract until December/January when the contract I was going to go with for the N97 will be cheaper, and i'll have to put up with less bugs, and not worry about the current camera lens issue.

Cheers for the input

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My new setup (three different shots)




-Cowon D2 4GB with a 4GB SD card, D2+ 3.11 FW and Rockbox
-Westone UM3X


Get UM56, you will not regret it. It will squeeze additional 10% out of UM3x.
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Waited a long time to contribute to this thread, so here goes.

Both docks thanks to "qusp". Thanks Jeremy
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Dude, Sony NWZ X1050, that is the next player on my list.
Curious, what do you used to transfer music to yours?
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Originally Posted by TheRH /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Dude, Sony NWZ X1050, that is the next player on my list.
Curious, what do you used to transfer music to yours?


I've used ipods for years (hey, I didn't knew better!), so all my music is organized in itunes.

I found this software, which is not free, but worth the cost, Sallin Media Sync, Salling Software - Home It syncs my choosen playlists from itunes, just like I did with my ipods, and I'm now a happy Walkman user

It can also sync podcasts from itunes, and it works like a treat.

I have a small problem with album art though, not all my picturs gets synced to the player. I'll have to look into that.
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Long time no share




80 gig imod (considering going to 240) > piccolino lod > alo vcap dock (considering changing) > singularity mini-mini (waiting on a piccolino mini-mini) > p-51 mustang > piccolino jh-13 cable (prototype) > jh-13 pro
all wrapped up in a hippocase

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