Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)
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The rack, shelf by shelf:
Headphones/Blue Hawaii amp/Blue Hawaii PS and a speaker amp/The Menace amp/The Menace PS/Accuphase DP 75

Top shelf with some headphones:

The headphone collection, left to right and top to bottom:
Sony R10, Stax Omega2, Stax Omega, Sennheiser HE60, AKG K1000
Stax Sigma, Sony R10, Stax Sigma Pro
Stax Lambda Sig, Stax LNS, Stax Lambda Sig
Stax SR5, Stax Lambda, ATH-AD500

Another HP shot:

About half of it will be sold in a month or two, so I figured I might as well take a pic of them all while they're together. :)  Blue Hawaii was built by spritzer and The Menace was built by n_maher.
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2 R10s??
Which ones are you selling?

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The rack, shelf by shelf:
The headphone collection, left to right and top to bottom:

Wow! Really nice collection you have there. :)
Pretty much all the higher regarded headphones, and several ways to drive them.
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Dust, I think that may be the true archenemy of audiophiles.

 Its right up there with heat, some spouses, and lack of cash.
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The main reason I have so many of them is because I've been waiting to hear all the different electrostats at their full potential (on the BH) to decide which ones to keep.  Thanks for the kind words guys. :)
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Not keeping the HE60s? I think they're pretty nice

I prefer my HE60 to the O2 Mk1, now that I have an amp that pairs quite well with them.
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There must be $20,000.00 in headphones there
.... One of the nicest collections of hi end headphones, I have ever seen...
And they are all discontinued..That's progress..

I could have had a pretty good photo a year ago, but I've been thinning the herd as well.  I'd love to be able to keep every high end or vintage phone I buy.  It's a shame he's going to thin the herd too.
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Here you go;

Not at my systems peak, but the nicest photo I have of it I suppose. I didn't have the analogue rig at the time. 

After Shunyata V-ray, Parasound JC-1's and the Cambridge 840C player but before the sound panels and vinyl rig. And yes that is the tip of a 300lb rubberband ball to the left of the picture! (therapy) Lol 
Headphone rig shots to come!
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Mostly all McIntosh Labs, Stax amps, Headroom amps, Sennheiser newly acquired HD 800s- not in photos,  Scottsmrnyc

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