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Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by yikes, Jul 16, 2008.
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  1. Quinto
    I find it interesting that you seem to regard headphones as superior over speakers...apples and oranges if you ask me..
  2. sphinxvc
    Ehh, that's the cop out answer!  Ha!    
    An understandable answer though given the tendency for such 'discussions' to quickly devolve into illogical, and for some reason unfriendly, back and forths here.
    Anyway, nice rig.  I've always thought a large bookshelf like that could act as a massive diffuser.  
  3. Quinto
    Cop answer [​IMG] 
    sorry about that mate [​IMG]
  4. calipilot227
    After I got my Magnepans, I found myself rarely using my headphone rig, actually. I only really use it when I can't use my speakers (roommates sleeping/studying). I find speakers offer a far more natural presentation, where headphones make me feel like the music is all in my head (Radiohead on the HD650s sounds like Thom Yorke is sitting in my lap). YMMV, just my preference.
  5. jham1496
    +1.  Even thou i dont have expensive speakers i use them way more than my headphones
  6. LugBug1
    Nothing like speakers. But! Room acoustics is the key. If you are in a pokey bedroom for instance then you are better off with headphones. IMO.
  7. Audio Classics

    Agreed. Headphones can sound good anywhere!
  8. Bwaz
    As a newbie in the headphone world (living in a small condo doesn't allow me to enjoy my Maggie 1.7s nearly as much), I'm really hoping this isn't the case for me..  I'll be getting my LCD-3s tomorrow, and I'm trying to lower my expectations as much as possible!
  9. calipilot227
    The LCD2 and Maggies share quite a few similarities, although I have yet to hear the newer models with the quasi-ribbon tweeters. My 1970's vintage MGII's have planar tweeters, so they tend to be a little laid back in the highs and forward in the midrange.
    That said, I think you'll like the LCD3's. They definitely have that characteristic planar sound.
  10. MorbidToaster
    And before Doug chastises me again, I'm still positioning the speakers. :)
    ossidian likes this.
  11. attilahun
    Awesome system Morbid, congrats. 
    Very curious to hear how hard the Leben can push those Harbeths. 
  12. Quinto
    [​IMG] cool, you earned them!
    Wow Cherry looks really nice, do you keep the grills off? I my room I found they sounded better with toe in :)
  13. MrQ
    Good looking system Morbs. The Harbeths look sweet.
  14. MorbidToaster
    It's at about 10:30 right now and they're well above my average listening level (blasting Mastodon). I could push it a little further and have it at 'shake the house' kind of volumes. 
    These are the broken in dealer pair on loan until mine get here next week. But they're basically mine. :D
  15. MorbidToaster
    I pulled them (my Skylans came with a very effective grill puller) for fun for now. They'll go back on in a few hours when my weekend guests come.
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