Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by noremedy, Jan 5, 2009.
  1. townes
    It's a CaseLab Merlin SM8 case. The desk dimension are 175cm x 100cm. So it fits nicely under the desk. It's not my first watercooled PC. I used Lian Li cases before. But with Lian Li cases I always got stuck with something, i.e. typically a few mm or cm too less space for the radiators or fans I wanted. Options to attach radiators (fans and reservoir) are also much better in a CaseLab than in a Lian Li case. My conclusion was, the bigger the case, the bigger radiators I could use. With big radiators, you can select radiators, which have a low number of fins per cm. This again means, you can use fans, which don't have to create a high static pressure, i.e.: silent, slowly turning fans (I have Noctua NF-F12 PWM, normally turning with ca 400rpm)
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  2. Drty LilBits

    Nice setup! How do you like that Meteor Mic? I was looking at that recently but I was afraid to pull the trigger because I am not sure if it will pick up too much background noise when in game. Most specifically key presses and mouse clicks. I'm too into boom arms as I feel like it would just be a distraction from the screen for me or something.
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  3. Hyp0xia
    I love my Samson Meteor Mic. You have to have realistic expectations though. If you're doing a lot of typing on a mechanical keyboard while using it and you're not using push to talk, there will be some noise transferred to the mic. My wide mouse mat beneath my keyboard dampens some of it and I only use my mic maybe once a month, so a mic arm solution was overkill for me. You could always get a Meteor Mic and a mic arm later if you end up needing one. It does have the appropriate threading on the base for that. There's also a hardware mute button on the mic. Clarity of the Meteor Mic is great for the price. I've received compliments.
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  4. Drty LilBits

    Yea the mute switch is the main thing I like about it. Thats not something you see on many mics and its more convenient to me than having to open a program to mute. I don't generally use PTT though so that's why I asked. I may just do what you said and grab it and maybe I'll learn to use Ptt until I feel the need for an arm. Thanks for the info and happy gaming.
  5. Redcarmoose
    computer rig.jpg
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  6. music_man
    Most of you folks have me beat for cool stuff. I have very powerful, silent, small footprint. No pic it is just a metal box about 1.5cu feet. I see a lot of you are into home recording. I back that 100%. Today almost anyone can make music which is a wonderful thing.
  7. mbritt
    iMac - Roon or iTunes lossless/AIFF - Eitr to Modi Multibit - Peachtree MusicBox - Axiom Audio M3Ti's. Also Audeze EL-8's and Mad Dog 3.2 headphones. Custom made speaker stands from salvaged red oak and cork with blutac holding speakers and Eitr & ModiMulti. I find myself spending a lot of time in my office listening to music with this set up. Couldn't be happier. Although after editing that photo, I realize that I should probably spend some time dusting under my amp :wink:

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  8. MeZoX
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  9. WhiteKnite
    Some updates to my rig


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  10. Podster
    Great job on that box @WhiteKnite and I would love to race our Monitors:wink:

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  11. Sniperpr5
    My current setup... _DSC1331.jpg
  12. aidarin
    My modest old setup 2012))

    ASUS Maximus V Extreme (Modded BIOS)
    Core i7 3770k (4.7 Ghz), Corsair Hydro H100i
    Corsair Vengeance Pro 32Gb
    ASUS ROG Matrix GTX 980ti
    HDD (8 TB) SSD Vector150 (250GB)
    Windows 7 x64 Pro, Dell Ultrasharp 2k

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  13. Endless_Chris
    loving the vibes off this setup. Kudos man
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  14. Marmite
    IMG_20180716_173500.jpg My PC was built specifically as the heart of my AV setup.

    Intel i5 8400 on a quality ASRock Fatal1ty MB linked to a Pioneer VSX-329 amp which drive my Pioneer FS52 speakers.

    There is also a Topping D3 and cheapo Samsung DVD player that never gets used as everything is on my PC.
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  15. wazzupi
    Until you realize he has a 50 inch screen 1 foot from his face but amazing vibes indeed

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