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Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by trolldragon, Feb 13, 2013.
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  1. jmoore914
    My two budget-fi set ups:
    Ipod Nano 3G ($40) -> KSC75 ($15) in Sportapro Headband ($25)
    Ipod Nano 3G ($40) -> MP 9927 ($8)
    Two great sounding rigs falling well under $100
    Also got a Cmoy kit in the mail from Fred_fred which will add another $30 to both rigs
    I also really like the idea of a portable budget rig contest!
  2. JK1
    We could put it to a vote, or else have a committee judge it. It should be only composed of new stuff available from Amazon USA, ie. it should be something that anyone in the US could duplicate.
  3. TekeRugburn

    Would it matter? I'd win anyway
  4. JoeDoe

  5. TrollDragon
    Some of us are NOT from the US... [​IMG]
    marko93101 likes this.
  6. TekeRugburn

    One down already. Even better. :wink:
  7. JoeDoe
  8. jmoore914
    The best thing about this contest is that worst case scenario, you lose and have an awesome portable rig that cost under $100 (or whatever is decided) [​IMG]
  9. TekeRugburn
    But it shouldn't be limited to amazon. Any website.

    We should start off small at first.
    50 bucks.
    Have participants. And the winner has his rig paid by the losers. So everyone keeps their rigs and one persons gets it for free, and the losers will only pay a few bucks.
  10. JoeDoe

    I'm down with that!
  11. jmoore914
    Payment would be tricky (50 people sending you $1 payments through paypal haha) but it's a good idea in concept.
    I think we'd first have to find out who would be interested in participating.
    Also what we would be the criteria for judging?
    SQ (50 points) 
    Portability/durability (40 points)
    Creativity (5 points)
    Appearance (5 points)
  12. TekeRugburn
    For me... Should cap it at a max of 20, min of 10. So most you'd pay is 5 and min would be 2.50. If we have more than 20 we can split it up into 2 pools or however many.

    If we have 2 pools we can have "pool a" judge "pool b". To be fair.

    For me Sq should be worth the most, creativity and then durability.

    First we can't have any diy stuff unless it's super easy. So no building lods, or cables. Stuff like quarter modding , changing pads and such is kewl. Don't take stuff like bands or ties to hold the rig together into the price. But modding stuff like felt, dynamat or cotton should be.

    Also, I think used from amazon warehouse should be allowed.

    Also, unless an interconnect was supplied by the item you bought, you can't use one you had laying around. You have to include that into your spending.
  13. TrollDragon
    All great ideas guys! Since this is a "Picture thread", someone start a new thread ie *Budget-Fi* Discussions and have a mod move the ongoing plans over to it.

    Also check with Jude or Joe to see if the contest is a kosher thing since there is money and a prize involved.

    Sent from my HTC Desire HD A9191 using Tapatalk 2
  14. marko93101
    I think this is an excellent idea! Living in Ireland kinda puts me out of the running, but I'll happily sit back and enjoy and if some rigs overlap with mine I'll happily throw some input!

    As said, I really expect a lot of Clips! They're a no brainer for a good sounding budget build. C3 could also be a strong contender!
  15. tds101
    Hmm, I wonder if my free SGS III & free Denon OEM's would count,...being from the USA and all.:p
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