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Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by trolldragon, Feb 13, 2013.
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  1. KimChee
    Couldn’t leave well enough alone...Hidizs AP80, I like this device it sounds great, but needs a good firmware update...but nice alternative to Shanling M0...got both for ~$60 each



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  2. deadhead12

    I’m sitting right at $199 with this combo including the cost of the sd card. I prefer listening through the M9 as the walnut sounds thicker and more closed in by comparison, but still pretty amazing for the money.
  3. Podster
    So the added bonus to the C5 is if one is being mugged all they have to do is fling this half pound player at the assailant:open_mouth::laughing: Also makes a great paper weight on your desk while listening to it with your fan at high speed:rolling_eyes: LOL As heavy as it is I just love this little (but not so light) player:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    ZS6 C5.JPG

    @deadhead12 , I'm probably just confused at your thicker comment as I think of thicker as darker! I actually love the ambiance of my Walnut Stack as it is the most analog sounding player/player combo I own and for that very reason I love it. I pretty much only do vinyl at home between two separate rigs. Is it the same with all your iem's or just the Kanas Pros?

    This is portable analog perfection 4 me but of course as I always say we all hear them differently:beerchug:

    A4 Walnuts.JPG
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  4. Podster
    Benget RigZ.JPG
  5. Cruelhand Luke
    what cable is that? I have some ZSA just sitting in a tin in need of a cable (their OEM cable arrived DOA)
  6. Podster
    That's actually the silver Tri-Braid cable (the ones that turn green)! It has been dyed by Slater with a chemical process to turn it black because the green patina is sad:rolling_eyes:

    Pre Dye:

    M1 KZ6.JPG

    Post Dye: (The one on the right, not to be confused with the 16 Core to the left):wink:

    Slater Magic.JPG
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  7. KimChee
    How’s you dye it black I may need that for a KZ cable that is gonna deep six soon lol

  8. Podster
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  9. Cruelhand Luke
    I KNEW it! I had a feeling that was Slaters handiwork. I am the threadstarter of the IEM mods thread, so I check in on it periodically, and I saw his fiddling around with dying cables. I have been meaning to hit him up for a set.
  10. Podster
    His process does leave an odor on the sheath but just leave them out in the air for a few days and it subsides:wink:
  11. Cruelhand Luke
    I've heard them say his mods leave a SlaterSmell...I also heard if you say his name three times into a mirror he pops up in your house and starts dismantling all your headphones! Some say he has tiny little screwdrivers for fingers and he doesn't have toes, he has torx....
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  12. KimChee
    Slater, the man the myth the legend...
  13. Podster
    Yes, we could just start referring to him as Slater Torx Toes:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Which reminds me I've had a cable sitting around for a couple months now with a bad channel I was going to send to him so his screwdriver fingers can work their magic:rolling_eyes:
    Last edited: May 22, 2019
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  14. KimChee
    Well crap, my Walnut F1 took a crap. All of a sudden really static-y and quiet volume. Sad day bc they are hard to come by. The Walnut V2S is doing fine though at least, and I’ve got a spare V2 and Zishan Z1 so I should be ok lol
  15. KimChee
    Premature sadness, the battery just ran out of power...Walnut stack still going strong and sounding amazing
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