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Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by trolldragon, Feb 13, 2013.
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  1. Tawek
    20170515_093523.jpg I prefer x1061 se to 1z se :)
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    Beauty meets the beast!
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  3. Podster
    Because mixing and matching is fun:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    XQT6 Benjie Master.JPG

    Benjie T6, Xduoo XQ10 with TA Masters, serious <$200 budget:thumbsup:
  4. gazzington
    Probably my favourite thread on head fi. I have some very expensive Daps but sometimes I can beat my zishan z2 or rockbox iPod 5th gen. What's the best bang for buck spend these days?
  5. Podster
    Well I guess I never brought this thread back up @gazzington after you posted this but it's truly hard for me to fathom this rig right here is <$200:astonished: I know this M2 is now old school after the release of the M3/M3s and MO but I've always loved the Shanling house sound and for my needs and taste this has always been my favorite DAP period and I do have the 3s, MO , Cayin N3 and Opus #1 but IMO the M2 is just perfect in every aspect and I don't mind the wheel that drives some crazy:laughing:

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  6. gazzington
    Cool rig. What iems do find work well with opus 1? Just bought one.
  7. Podster
    Opus #1 is a great player, MEE P1 is a good match as well as Shure SE215 and depending on ones filter choice the LZ A4's work well with it:wink: (Same goes for the IMR R1's in my signature)
  8. ElKabong
    I love my LZ A4's use them with my Plenue R and my Fiio X5iii. Best iems i have purchased, bought a balanced cable to go with.
  9. Podster
    Excellent choice, love my A4's balanced out of Opus #1 and Cayin N3:beerchug:

    A4 Opy 1.JPG

    However this rig does not qualify for this thread but this one here does:wink: Not to mention it includes all three iem's and SP cables!

    Budget Magic.JPG
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  10. Podster
    Man is this stuff ever fun, this one actually comes in <$150 and sounds incredible:grin:

    KZ MO Extreme.JPG

    Did I mention colorful also!
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  11. Podster
    Seems the better an iem I put on this thing the better it sounds:rolling_eyes:

    Benjie Queen.JPG
  12. mathi8vadhanan
    I still can't believe you can get so much for under $150. Cheapest silver litz cable alone was $250 3-4 years back.
  13. Podster
    Indeed, your MO looks great with those DT8's:thumbsup:Thinking about your rig here coming in <$150 how about the Benjie rig I posted above with any of those KZ iem's coming in <$50:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2018
    I just realized also that the X Walkman came noise cancelling built in provided one has the earphone that came with it or something like the MDR-NC31.
    Something that was omitted in later models or maybe some later Japanese models came with built in noise cancelling with EX750 NC earphones.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
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  15. javre76
    Are those Open Backs? what are they? How are they sound wise?
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