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Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by trolldragon, Feb 13, 2013.
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  1. wolf087

    In my opinion the NWZ-A86(x) Walkmans are the best Walkmans every made when you consider all things. Sound quality, build quality, features, looks, size, price.
  2. milesjunkie
    Fantastic DAP - a definite high point in recent Sony players. sold mine an age ago but have fond memories. Stupidly bought a Japan import with no English support but it was a great mix of portability, power and SQ.
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  3. wolf087
    copy.png I have a pretty crazy story about mine, it's kinda long lol. I originally got interested and started doing research about getting a DAP back in November of 2011. I just wanted a way to get back to the roots of listening to music on a device that you can ONLY listen to music on to become fully immersed without the distractions of an email, facebook notification, etc. on my smartphone. I almost got a 1st Gen Zune 30 because I thought they looked cool, as I did more research I decided I would focus on the sound quality more than anything. I looked at a lot of different players and reviews and ultimately decided on a walkman, then I ended up getting a black A865 for Christmas of 2011. I had it for about a month before I sent it back and used the money for a computer I wanted at the time, about 7 months later I ordered a white A865 from eBay in September 2012. I used the white A865 for a little over a year before I ended up pawning it November 2013 three hours away in Elizabethtown Kentucky while visiting a friend. Almost two years later in September 2015 I said what the heck and called the pawn shop to see if it was still there. I figured nobody would really know or appreciate what it is because everyone has their smartphones and the kids that want an mp3 player 99% of the time want a iPod, most people aren’t checking for Walkmans. When I called the pawn shop the owner said it was still there so I drove the three hours there to get it and three hours back and it was well worth it because I still use it almost everyday now.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
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  4. NotKunvinced

    Speaking of Walkmans........
    NW-A35B = €89 (in a clearance sale today) and Hifiman HE-350 = €99 (Massdrop ~ 2yrs ago).
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2018
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  5. wolf087

    Niiiiice! Is the current A-series made of metal or plastic?
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  6. NotKunvinced
    Not sure, that's the older NW A35 in the picture and it's plastic.
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  7. wolf087

    What kind of earphones are those?
  8. wolf087

    Oh ok yea the current ones still look that same on the Sony website.
  9. wolf087

    Wait so you just got this Walkman yesterday?
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  10. NotKunvinced
    Correct. I was in an electronics store and walked past it on clearance while on my way to the till!
  11. wolf087

    You can't even find these things on the shelves in the U.S. I think Best Buy still sells the Walkman NW-E393 but that is it.

    Also I like how your Walkman perfectly matches the color of your headphones, looks like it was meant to be :ok_hand:
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  12. wolf087

    Do you still have this Walkman?
  13. DrKrFfXx
    Not anymore, it sufered an accident. Replaced it with the Walkman A15, and now with the A35.
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  14. theveterans
    iPod Touch 6th Gen = unbeatable price/performance and features to me IMO

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    293726A8-3230-4A06-9A24-855EAAFD9016.jpeg 118B89EB-CE1E-41B7-A1B9-AC57877E221C.jpeg 517A030C-C111-4A32-8648-C4212AF2403E.jpeg
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