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Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by trolldragon, Feb 13, 2013.
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  1. Podster
    Nice, that shot inspired me to throw on "Reeling in the year's"!!!:beerchug:

    MDR XB40EX U2Pod C421.JPG
    Mellowship likes this.
  2. Mellowship
    Good ol' Steely Dan! Nice!
    And the Sony's still rockin'!
  3. Podster
    Apple Budgie.JPG
  4. Podster
  5. gazzington
    What dan and iems are those?
  6. gazzington
    Meant dap!
  7. Podster
  8. gazzington
    I've seen pictures of the x11 several times in head fi but never knew what it was called. What's it like?
  9. Cruelhand Luke
    These are KZ ZS5s with New Bee foams (m) ...I Listen to Spotify on my ZTE Axon
    Pretty spectacular sound and like, ALL the songs, for less than $200.00
  10. Kundi
    How do you like the cable?
  11. Cruelhand Luke
    It's fine, I don't have any issues. I usually wear my IEMs with the cord running down the inside of my shirt and then plugged into a phone in my pocket. For that use it's a good length, and I don't notice a bunch of microphonics with it.
    and of course it's replaceable, I haven't gone down that rabbit hole yet, but there are a lot of really premium looking cables for these for under $10.00
  12. JediMa70
    I got a Fiio X3 2nd which I use as my main player for music (i dont use my computer), now after few years I was thinking to change it with something new and with more features like BT .
    I was considering the new Fiio Mark III but it seems to have few flaws like speed and lag, another model is Cayin N3
    but there are so many that's not easy to make a choice, specially with my limited knowledge about them..
    So any help is really welcome (budget around 200 usd)
  13. gazzington
    I am no expert but I prefer the sound of my cayin n3 to the fiios that I own (x5iii and m3).
  14. JediMa70
    Cayin N3 seems good and at a very reasonable price
  15. riffrafff
    I like mine. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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