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Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by trolldragon, Feb 13, 2013.
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  1. deadhead12
    I’m truly surprised by how much I like this little player! I bought it to use as an amp only when I thought my A5 died, but I’ve been using it exclusively for a week and couldn’t be happier.
  2. Podster
    I play just about all vinyl at home and this little DAP is the closest thing I've heard to analog playback in a DAP. Some would describe it as noise (Unwanted even) but their is an airiness/ambience that really gets close to that analog sound for me.
  3. musedesign
    Thank you Podster !
    Am I understanding that the Walnut FI can also run balanced? Have you tried any IEMs balanced ? Thank you !
    Best, Mark
  4. Podster
    Hello Mark, I have run the Trinity Master and Icarus III balanced on the Walnut stack as well as the A4 and Mass Drop Mee PX(dressed down P1, I have both). I usually find that I prefer my Icarus III most of the time these days but the PX's really sound sweet in balanced on the Walnuts. To me this rig right here at less than $200 (Budget Rigs) can hang IMO with many $500/$600 rigs in SQ. Of course you don't have all the bells and whistles (Screen for album art, track info or Blue Tooth and the luxury items I call them) but for musical enjoyment I'm thoroughly impressed:wink:

    Nutter MeeXP1.JPG
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  5. gazzington
    Which is seen as best walnut v2s or zishan z2?
  6. musedesign
    Hi Podster,
    I had been away from Head-fi for a while, first because I loved the old Huddler layout and less so for the new layout and second every time I get back involved with Head-fi it costs me money!

    Thank you for your patience with my questions. I put everything in the Penon Audio cart Walnut F1 2.5, Walnut V2s and a FiiO RC-MMCXB Cable 2.5mm to use with my Shure SE215 balanced. And paused. I am buying the DAP to use on my night stand before I go to sleep and to use with my Raspberry Pi > TDA1387 X8 NOS DAC (which I love) > JHL 1969 headphone amp.

    Can the Walnut V2S do coaxial out to use with an external DAC ?

    Thank you !
  7. Podster
    That is a very good question and one I'm not really sure of, now I'm curious is the line out on the V2s can be 3.5mm on one end and be coax on the other but seems unlikely to me due to the configuration of coax itself! Maybe someone with more knowledge of tis can shed some light here for you. Sorry I can't be of more help on this one.
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  8. musedesign
    Thank you Podster.
    Anyone know of DAP with Coaxial Out ? So the DAP can be used with an external DAC.
    Thank you !
    - Mark
  9. musedesign
    Hi Podster,
    I am learning about DAP coaxial out. Some DAPs have it and some do not. So far the DAP that I have found with coaxial out:
    iBasso DX80
    Cayin N5
    Cayin N3
    FiiO X5 III

    Cable Cayin USB-C to Coaxial Cable, CS-30TCR USB-C To Coaxial
  10. Podster
    How embarrassed am I, own both the Cayin's and since I don't or at least never have considered running them thru an external DAC I've never researched that USB-C to COAX cable! You have taught me something today:beerchug:
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  11. musedesign
    Hi Podster,
    I only realized it had Coax out when I found the Cayin cable. Can you give me your feedback on the Cayin 3 ? Seems like a nice DAP for $149. Coax out, DSD and AK4490EN DAC chip.

    What do you think ? Thank you for the assistance !

  12. Podster
    Hello Mark, N3 is a marvelous DAP and IMO a steal at $150. You should jump on the N3 thread and see all the praise on it. Once again IMO the SQ of the N3 is easily worth the asking price.
  13. gazzington
    Anybody have any recommendations for what iems would have good synergy with the n3? Also, considering getting a shanling m2s but am wondering if for the price I would be better off with xudoo x3 or even a Benji or colorfly c3 with an amp.
  14. Podster
    Here's a few that work for my tired old ears:rolling_eyes:

    Cayin Master.JPG
    Trinity Masters

    Get Physical.jpg
    LZ D2002

    N's X and 3.JPG
    Mee PX (or P-1 as they are the same) Probably my favorite with the N3.

    Sendiy Cayin.JPG
    Sendiy M1221 works well with the N3 as well:wink:
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  15. Mboom
    Does the Walnut V2s announce what album you select ?
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