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Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by trolldragon, Feb 13, 2013.
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  1. amzies01
    My humble rig - Rockboxed Sansa Clip+, VSonic VC02 w/ Comply T-100 foam tips, FiiO E5 ...
  2. HulkSmashNow
    Sweet rig!
  3. amzies01
    Thanks bro.:) 
  4. amzies01
    Total of 4,700php or 114.36usd.:)
  5. amzies01
    Will be updating my pics in about a week as I'm getting my EP720s recabled. ... .watch for it... . Altho, still won't hold a candle to some of y'all's rigs on here...:D
  6. ShohailXTR
    Absolutely proper Budget-Fi! Brilliant rig. I was debating with myself about getting sth like the Clip+. If I may ask, I don't know much about VSonic VC02, but is it necessary to use it with FiiO E5? Or do you use it get an added bass boost? And does it save a bit of battery life on the Clip+?

    Love how you put everything in that pelican case you have on your avatar :D
  7. TrollDragon
    Nice Rig!
    There is no "Holding a candle To" here in this thread, if you like the rig your using, and it does what you need it to, sounds good to you and most of all, you enjoy it then it's a great rig!
    It's all about the music and the enjoyment of such...
    FWIW There are other threads here on Head-Fi which seem to me anyway too much like a "Look What I Got" type of thread and it gets a little overwhelming at times.
  8. HulkSmashNow
    Well said and here, here!
    Trekmech likes this.
  9. amzies01
    Trying the "humble" approach.... . :) You're right on all accounts my good man. And thanks for the appreciation. :)
    Well, the VC02 isn't very loud, for starters. And can be a little bit thin-sounding for some other people's tastes, so I use the E5 to give it more power. It does help with the bass too, when needed, and it does save some of my Clip+'s battery life. 
    Well, the Clip+ is, I think, a must have for every audiophile.. . That's debatable, tho.. . A brilliant DAP. 
    Thanks, that's a monitor vault from Westone. It's nice that both IEM and Clip+ fit in it. Gives it a touring, pro look... .:)
  10. jeffrodigital
    Quick and dirty pic while at work. These lights stink - I'll try to take some nice ones along with my other setup when I get home.

    Talk about budget - Sony NWZ-S545 16 gig that my wife got with a best buy giftcard from her job and no longer uses along with TDK EB-750's that I paid less than a buck for from staples for after rebates.

    So yes, this rig cost less than a buck brand new. I could complain about sound or this or that but then I'd be a real jerk. image.jpg
    wolf087 likes this.
  11. amzies01
    The TDKs look sweet... . How are they? What are your impressions of them?
  12. jeffrodigital
    So far so good, bass is insane. They hit hard but are not muddy at all.

    All aroud they sound quite nice, havent really gotten to know them closely just yet though.
  13. amzies01
    Goes well with the stuff you listen to... Vinnie Paz... :) 
  14. Luv My BASS 1
    I don't know if iPhone rigs count as budget fi (I bought a phone, it just happened to have a PMP inside!) but the Panasonic RPHTX7 are a GREAT budget fi headphone!
  15. TrollDragon
    Sure it counts, there is no CLAS or LCD's hanging off it. And those pannies do rock the Budget-Fi. :D

    Sent from my HTC Desire HD A9191 using Tapatalk 2
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