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Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by trolldragon, Feb 13, 2013.
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  1. tds101
    The reviews say the Soundmagic HP100 sound fantastic. Do they pair well with the iPod classic? Is there adequate volume?

    Thanks in advance,...

    Very best,...
  2. Anewills

    They're my first pair of high end (at least high end to me) headphones and I really like them so far.  I don't have a whole lot to compare them too but they have a really smooth sound and they're unbelievably comfortable.  Earpads are a little bit shallow, but I may get velour pads cause i heard beyer dt770 pads fit them. I think they pair well with the Ipod classic, They get pretty loud straight out of the ipod too.  Generally i listened to them at like 85% power which was fairly loud, until i got the e11 then i keep that at about 8.
  3. tds101
    I don't like to amp, so 85% power on my classic would be an internal amp strainer IMO. Thanks for the info,...
  4. Sparky191
  5. Anewills
    Even with my other headphones or my ear buds which don't need an amp I still have the volume around 70% to be decently loud.  Just my opinion but I think the internal amp can handle it just fine.
  6. jaejw1
    you are absolutely correct....  i am completely happy with what i have
  7. Moolok
    Here's my "budget-fi" portable rig:
    Samson SR850 + FiiO E6 + LG Optimus Black android phone.
    Been very happy with it and it makes working at the office a bit more enjoyable.
  8. Emospence
    Sansa Clip+ & TDK IE800
  9. ShohailXTR

    Just got the FiiO L5 LOD today after a huge wait. Totally transformed the rig into a really nice sounding combo. Rig comes at ~210$, that's budget-fi :D
  10. musicday
    Do the Mod on the Portapro, I have done is at they are very good with my Clip+
  11. TrollDragon

    Which mod's have you done?
  12. julian67

    The old ones are still good too:

    iRiver H140, Sansa Clip+, iRiver H340. All Rockboxed.

    Shure SE215 and a real rarity: a pair of Sennheiser CX 95 that isn't fake :eek:

    Wire Tangle Hell:


    H340 with external battery back, LCD remote and CX95, the earphone with the cable carefully engineered to maximise snagging, tangling, sticking and microphonics. And be much too short. Or much too long with the extender. You couldn't walk 5 yards with this lot without something snagging and being ripped out and crashing to the ground. It's best for people who live in an environment with a lot of soft padding on the walls and floors and who enjoy unpicking knots.

    I never use that combination (an extra capacity replacement battery renders the external pack redundant) but I thought it made for a mildly Heath Robinson/Rube Goldberg style picture of old skool high capacity portable audio.
  13. TrollDragon
    Too funny, I like it! [​IMG]
  14. julian67

    The man who designed the cable was apparently also responsible for the case, which I believe may have been inspired by Houdini. The case looks very nice. Absolutely crammed inside when new is the IEM, an extender and a cable clip. On unpacking it you feel surpised and impressed that it all fitted in. How did they do that? Soon you realise you have more chance of completing a Rubik's Cube one handed than being able to put everything back in the very nice looking case at your own convenience. You need two hands, some spare time, and it helps to be somewhere you can use foul language without reprimand. The IEMs have two saving graces: they sound really nice and have lasted 3 and a half years so far.
  15. Rossy007
    Not sure if this classifies as budget, but just got my Little Dot 1+ and picked up a used ipod 80g for $45. Got a pair of replacement AKG Q701 coming a few days.
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