Pick an amp for HD800 - DNA Sonett 2 vs Decware CSP3 vs Zana Deux SE
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Jan 19, 2008
I have narrowed it down to 3 amps under 2k that I am considering for my HD800:
DNA Sonett 2 
Decware CSP3
Zana Deus SE
Potentially considering the Woo Audio WA2
*The Zana Deus SE is out of my price range new, but within my price range used.
I need help choosing an amp. I am not familiar with the sound signature of any of these and only can compare to the WA7 which is my current amp. Which amp is smooth, which amp is bright, etc
So if you had to choose an amp dedicated to the HD800, which would you choose from the above 3 (or 4). 

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