Physical problem with Beyer DT990?
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Hi. Normally, this should not happen. i have NEVER seen something like that, even with older headbands. Ther surely was some kind of chemical influence to solve up the headband. But if hills is already looking into it, i think it should not be an issue to replace the headband (which can be opened up on top).
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btw, the dark bits in the pads and carpet, in the photo of my first post, are shadows.
It's a really weird problem. I have Beyer DT990 Pro's that have always been stored in the same room as the DT990's and they have no problem.
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The local headphone distributer have contacted Beyer and they have agreed to swap the headband for free. Beyer are keen to get the headband back to Germany to have a look at it.
The headband has been ordered from Germany and is expected to arrive within a couple of weeks.
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Well it's good that they are sending you a new one! Keep us updated on what beyer thinks about your messed up headband, ok?
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nice service
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Yeah, what caused it. We are curious people

They don't know what caused it. I think it's a manufacturing fault, but that's just me. I think that heat combined with a fault in the headband paint caused the problem because it gets hot in Sydney.
I love the DT 990 250 OHM, they are beautiful sounding headphones.
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Mine 3 (770/880/990) are having the same problem in a lesser degree. It seems that is a combination of body oil (hair in fact) and heat. Some people, like me,  has a very agressive body oil that can decompose some types of vinyl. I suffered this in a walkie vinyl case years ago, it had less than 2 years when it became sticky and literally finished melting in my hand. The manufacturer told me it was caused by my body.

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