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Photoshop Alternetives

  1. jagorev

    Originally Posted by donovansmith
    I actually find the interface to be just fine on the GIMP, but then again I never really used PhotoShop much (last time I really used it was 1996) and have been using the GIMP since 1999 so I'm used to it by now.

    I've tried one of the "sharewarez" copies a few years back and absolutely hated it and promptly deleted it. I wouldn't use PhotoShop even if it was free, let alone consider paying for it. Then again, I do only need RGB editing and not CMYK editing for print use, so something like the GIMP is fine for me. And if I did need CMYK, I'd rather deal with the GIMP's limits in that area than deal with PhotoShop's horrid interface.

    You've got to try Photoshop CS2. They've put a lot of thought into interface/workflow improvements.
  2. redshifter
    gimp, although it had a habit of freezing and losing work.

    now i use paint shop pro for my magnificent photochops.
  3. plainsong
    My husband actually makes money at his graphics hobby, and he prefers PSP, and Corel to Photoshop.... even for just photoshopping photos. [​IMG]

    I use a combination of PS Elements and the gimp. [​IMG] I wish there were a PSP for OsX. [​IMG]
  4. boodi
    imo there's no real alternatives to PS for everyday work use
  5. imported_Echo_
    i hate gimp's interface
  6. RnB180 Contributor
    corel painter

    photoshop is industry standard however.
    Have you seeked resellers with education discounts

    painter is under $100. Though its nowhere close to the flexibility user options of CS2 IMO
    to a lower extent and more of a basic drawing program you can look into illustrator.
  7. the_villain
    The GIMP. The Windblows version is slow and somewhat buggy, but it works and
    feels OK. The linux version is without a flaw (when compiled from source of course).
  8. annashetty
    photoshop alternative, photoshop online will be a great option, it’s free and easy to use, get your hands on, create an image, or upload from your PC to edit.
  9. wink
    HUUUUGE necrobump........ :ksc75smile:
  10. Adam Smart
    Has anyone tried Afinity photo on Mac?

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