Phones for music/movies- open or closed?
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Jun 10, 2009
I am in search of a pair of headphones for 50/50 music and movies/games. I have pretty much decided on a headroom home desktop amp with dac as a source. I will have it connected to a onkyo 706 ht receiver to use with a xbox 360 for games and a ps3 for movies/ music. I currently own grado sr 80's and find them lacking in bass and uncomfortable to wear through an entire movie. I also listen to mainly rock and some metal music. The grado's do not seem to reproduce the kick drum with as much authority as I would like. I just am unsure if this is do to its open design, or the phone itself. I was recommended the denon 2000 recently but have read some reviews sating it is forward and kind of bright. In my car and home theater setup I prefer speakers that are slightly laid back. It seems this is the signature style of sennheiser but their higher end phones like the hd 650 is open and im not sure if it will have the bass response im looking for in explosions for movies and the drums for music. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a pair of slightly warm, laid back, comfortable cans with good bass for less than $500. Thanks to any responses in advance
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I would recommend the HD650 in a heartbeat, but as I just found out in another thread I've apparently never heard a pair of truly bassy headphones
. And actually I don't think I've heard a pair of closed cans since I was a kid, so maybe that's why.
In any case, to my ears they certainly pack a nice punch in games and action movies as well as music, well beyond what my K601 and HD595 can manage (I would argue that the K601 goes just or almost as low though, there's just not the same amount of weight and punch behind the low notes as the HD650). Additionally warm and laid back describe my impression of the HD650 very well, just as I find them comfortable for long sessions, though not quite as much as neither of my other headphones.
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HD650 is just what you need and a somewhat fail-safe option for the all-round use you're looking for. When you have not really heard anything else, it's a great place to start too, since almost everything gets compared to these so you can pick your eventual next step more easily (though your own ears are always different from what you read!). My guess is the Onkyo would be a nice start for amplification and you can take it from there.
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I think I have narrowed my choices down to the sennheiser hd 650 and the denon ah-d5000. My real problem is that my listening experience with other phones is so limited and I have no real means to do so. The grado sr-80's are a little to bright sounding and tend to give me fatigue. The best closed phones I have heard are sennheiser hd202's which are very low end.
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HD650 gets my vote for "slightly warm, laid back, comfortable can with good bass"
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+1 for the DT150. They are not as comfortable as the HD600/650 though, but at 270$ with free shipping from that auction site, you could throw in a darkvoice figaro dedicated amp and end up at 490$.

Another option I would have a look at is the orthodynamic fostex T50RP. I don't own one(yet..
) but they are supposedly very comfy and you can't go wrong with orthodynamic bass response.


EDIT: The figaro amp, as I know it, doesn't come in 110v versions, so if you're US based that's not an alternative, just forgot to mention it.

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