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Dec 20, 2014
Sadly, I'm on a downward spiral when it comes to phone audio......I had a V20, then a G6+ and a G7+ ThinQ, great QuadDac section, can even drive some of my regular sized cans well enough. But, I realized that I was slowly losing interest in mobile HiFi audio, so I swapped to the S10+ (definitely could hear a sound difference between the G7+ ThinQ and the S10+) both in terms of volume and quality of sound.

Now, I'm totally the truly wireless headset bandwagon, I'd gotten a pair of Creative Outlier Gold and the sound isn't half bad, liked the option of using my various IEM's with the S10+. Now, I've just gotten the Galaxy Fold and there's no headphone port, I'm reduced to a strict usage of the Outlier Gold, and the Creative truly wireless buds that came with the phone.

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