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  1. Zayus
    I purchased this basic Bluetooth receiver so that I could stream audio from my phone onto my speaker amplifier for my home setup.
    I just discovered that I can connect this device to my portable FiiO amp via audio jack, my phone to the Bluetooth device via signal, and my earbuds to my amp.
    It might sound unnecessary to some people, but the ability to move my phone freely around while my IEM's remain connected to the amp/receiver in my pocket, is just really fantastic.
    this way I can harness Bluetooth without having to actually buy a Bluetooth IEM (which I sincerely hate the thought of considering I prefer my own earbuds (vsonic, eternal, sony)
    There is something of a digital chatter coming through my amp, I'm not sure what's producing the chatter, or how to stop it. I've noticed it before while placing my amp very close to my phone, but now this noise is amplified, so perhaps the solid amp is picking up on digital signals and amplifying them, or, the phone/Bluetooth device is trying to 'listen' to the amp and playing some sort of signal produced by electronic noise coming off of the solid amp itself.
    I'm obviously not an electrical/radio engineer so I don't know if this problem can be solved, or if there are alternatives to this setup?

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