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Phonak PFE112 | Audio-Technica ATH-CKM99 [worldwide shipping]

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by ulogin, Apr 28, 2012.
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  1. ulogin
    For Sale
    Up for sale are these minty, "like-new" phones (date of purchase):
    1. Audio-Technica ATH-CKM99 (Dec 11): $130. Energetic and fun. Attains a SQ of 8.8 in |Joker|'s review.
    2. Phonak Audeo PFE 112 (June 12): $138. ClieOS gave these a "Sonic Diamond Award" with a score of 5/5 in value. See reviews below. As for pictures, these are 2-day old so I am not taking any for the time being.
    $5 less for 2 items  |  $10 less for 3 items 
    All are in excellent condition. All packaging, pouch, and accessories included unless otherwise stated.
    Prices include CONUS shipping. International buyers please add $10 for additional shipping fee. Accepts PayPal personal or buyer adds 4% (Amazon payment is free BTW).
    Thanks for looking!
    Glowing reviews:
     Audio-Technica ATH-CKM99
    The following is taken from |Joker|'s review thread:
     Sound [b](8.8/10)[/b] – The ATH-CKM99 is Audio-Technica’s flagship dynamic and the company’s take on a high-end consumer-class earphone. The signature of the earphone strikes a balance between the typical high-end dynamic-driver IEM and Audio-Technica’s bright-and-shiny house sound. The end result is lively and versatile. Audio-Technica’s CKM99 is an exquisitely well-built earphone . . . . Despite the huge 14mm drivers used, the CKM99 fits comfortably in the ear and isolates better than many other high-end dynamics . . . . GR07 is fast, neutral, and balanced. The CKM99 is lively, colored, and liquid. In typical Audio-Technica fashion, it breaks from the warm sound of most similarly-priced dynamics and captures some of the company’s ambient and euphonic house sound. Not being priced up in the $250+ range with Audio-Technica’s BA-based flagships helps the CKM99 stay competitive . . . .
    Phonak PFE112
     The W4 have slightly more detailed treble and are a bit less lean than the PFE 112. The W4 are very good sounding, but don't ask me why they need four armatures for their sound signature... are they worth that much over the PFE 112? Are the PFE 232 worth that much over the PFE 112? Are the Fi-BA-SS... well, you get the picture. The Westone 4 sounds basically the same as a Phonak PFE with grey filters. . . . The W4's bass rendition is a tiny bit more voluminous, yet the PFE reach down lower than the W4 and are a tiny bit faster. PFE have a tiny bit more overall clarity than the W4 - both have similar (excellent) dynamics and similar stereo imaging. . . . The difference that probably does matter is that . . . . Westone needs four armatures and a price tag of $450 to achieve basically the same, some two years later. By the way, James444 heard both side by side as well, and he seems to generally agree with that assessment of the W4 vs. the PFE.
     [url=http://www.touchmyapps.com/forums/member.php?2-shigzeo&s=a989ace3cf9c1970a5004116fdeb3ab8][b]shigzeo[/b][/url] [b]PFE Bass: Clean, Strong but Subtle[/b] If you have heard Audio Technica balanced-armature IEM’s before, you will easily relate to the PFE house sound. . . . suit very well to bass and atmospheric music such as IDM, trance and rap. [b]PFE Treble and Mid: Where the Tough Gets Going[/b] Before I heard the PFE, I read in many forums about they clarity of the treble and instrument separation that rivalled the best even from Etymotic. Having owned the Etymotic ER4S. . . . Well, the PFE earphones are wonderful. In fact, I prefer them to the ER4S because they are not as fatiguing. . . . Mids are no less brilliant and match wonderfully to the highs, bringing crispness and clarity to vocals, electronic instruments and breath even to quiet intimate passages. . . . the PFE are sure to please mid-lovers and vocal music fans who love clear, full and lush vocals. These phones best the ER4S in Jazz and acoustic music because they are not tiring nor gratingly metallic. . . . [b]PFE Soundstage: A Little can Go a Long Way[/b] Phonak’s PFE delivers on mids and highs in such a delightful way that it is easy to misinterpret more space than actually is present in the music. Instruments are well arranged and placed with no smudging.

    IEM Reviewer Extraordinaire
     The overall sound signature of PFE with grey filter is balanced, toward neutral yet analytical, clean and great in resolution. Treble is very well extended, highly detail, sparkly yet not overdone. . . . Bass has a good sense of speed, quality and low extension . . . Soundstage is slightly above average with a good sense of airiness and instrument separation. The overall sound signature of PFE with black filter is smooth, warm and musical . . . . By selecting the filters, PFE can switch between a more analytical sound and a more musical performance. . . . With black filter, PFE easily gives UM2 a run for its money by maintain a higher level of resolution. . . . 
  2. jgray91
    You got PM.
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