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Phonak Audeo (PFE) Thread

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  1. tstarn06
    I realize there is another very long thread out there on the Phonak PFEs, but I figured it would be good to start a thread wherein PFE owners and curious Head-Fi'ers could come to post or read about this great value in quality sound (no, that's not from the marketing brochure).

    Thanks to dfkt, I found these phones a great bargain right out of the box, but the more I listen, the more I Iike them. So much so, that they may really be preferred over my Westone 3s. No reason to lambaste the W3s here. That's already been done over and over. Just how I feel about the Phonaks.

    Anyway, since most of the other top phones have their own appreciation threads, I figured why not the PFEs?

    Post away.

    Edit: I also want to thank Chi2, who was an early PFE booster on the main thread. Seems to have disappeared from the thread, but nevertheless, thanks.
  2. schneller
    Well, what can I add? I must say thank you first to members dfkt and tstarn06 for all their helpful comments in the main thread.

    I upgraded from the ATH-CK7 canal phones to the Klipsch X5s before settling on the Phonak PFE. I only owned the X5s for like two days before I sent them back.

    I loved the CK7s, but I wanted more. I wanted better highs. Better comfort. Better isolation. I initially wanted to spend no more than $200.00 USD.

    Well, the PFEs satisfied all of these desires for under $150! I got the better highs. Better comfort and isolation. Better cable. Less/no microphonics. My only minor gripe being that the PFEs could offer a little more coloration in the bass department.

    Overall, I am happy with my purchase and feel as if I got a really good value. And at the end of the day, bang for the buck is the most important thing for me.
  3. Tomikans
    trade my hd650's for your westone 3s? haha

    If i get the funds, i'll for sure buy the audeo's.. in due time.
  4. tstarn06
    Tempting, but my wife bought me the W3s, which is a main reason they are staying put. I begged for them, and she relented. Also, I don't use full-size phones much. But thanks.
  5. average_joe Contributor

    Originally Posted by tstarn06 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Thanks to dfkt, I found these phones a great bargain right out of the box, but the more I listen, the more I Iike them. So much so, that they may really be preferred over my Westone 3s.

    I second the thanks to dfkt for his excellent review.

    And I am somewhat in the same situation you are in the W3s, but with my IE8s (not that the IE8s are bad, they are great and do many things better than the PFE). I am working on a comparison of the two...
  6. tstarn06

    Originally Posted by schneller /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    First post!

    I am wondering if this thread was needed? The other one is getting soooo long. Anyway, please continue to post your thoughts on the PFEs.
  7. ulyses
    I don't think any other phone in this price range could do this amazing sound. So, I strongly recommended this to all audiophile ears but not to ears who like funny sound. Thanks dfkt also. He finished my search with complete satisfaction.
  8. DeusInvictus7
    Well, I haven't gotten mine yet, but they are supposed to be here in the next few hours (If the snow doesn't delay them, that is), so I'll post initial impressions once I get my hands on them.

    But like everyone said, many thanks to dfkt for his amazing review. I've been searching so hard for my first "high-end" IEM, and was so sure that the SF.5v2 were the choice for me...until I read his review, then my mind was totally swayed over.
  9. centerfold
    Yes, big thank-you for dfkt for his great review!
  10. oarnura
    A big thank you to everyone that brought the Phonak PFE to head-fi's attention.
  11. gadgetman
    I'd like to thank dfkt too, for all of the above reasons and more [​IMG]

    Oh, and also for the reference to hoergesundheit.de where I bought my pair. They ship internationally (via dhl), process the orders very quickly, and they reply emails very very quickly (oftentimes within an hour!).

    I won't get my audeos for another 12 days though (from their estimation).
  12. praguewatermelon
    Mine are gonna be here on Friday. Woohoo!!!
  13. zardos
    Probably better than W3 and IE8?

    The very best universal IEM in the world?

    With one balanced armature driver?

    For less than $150?

    That would be rather cool.
  14. DeusInvictus7
    Alright, so I just received my pair, and my first initial thought when I first saw them were, "Wow! They are so small!" haha. I wasn't expecting them to be that small. I've only been listening to them for about 30 min, and messed around with the tips and filters, and came to the black filters with the small silicon tips to be my preference.

    To sum everything up, I LOVE THEM! Very comfortable, I can't even feel them in my ears anymore, the only thing I can feel is the cable hitting the bottom of my ears sometimes.

    Sound quality and clarity is amazing. Thanks again to everyone that has recommended these. Worth every penny.
  15. tstarn06
    Not saying better than W3, but to me, just more to my taste. Can't speak for IE8. But only one way to find out, Zardos, and you know what that means...(quiet sound of opening wallet).
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