Phonak Audéo Perfect Bass Earphones - new models PFE 012 & 022
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Aug 14, 2008
After the overwhelming sales success of the first Phonak Audeo PFE series, as well as numerous awards, on June 14th 2010 Phonak will be bringing additional products to market.

With its new Audéo PFE Perfect Bass, Phonak is launching a product tailored to bass lovers. Bass lovers tend to be younger music fans who listen to a different style of music than the users of the existing Audéo PFE series. Audéo now has four product types for different target audiences.

Clean, Powerful Bass Response

The new Phonak Audéo Perfect Bass 012 and 022 (with iPhone mic & button) from Phonak offer music lovers not only perfect bass, but also an extremely natural and well defined sound experience. The first-rate Audéo PFE Series 11x and 12x impress a discerning target audience that also places a high value on comprehensive accessories. In all products, surrounding noises are suppressed, for undisturbed music enjoyment. This guarantees a more precise and crystal-clear sound at a lower volume, without causing damage to hearing because of music that is too loud.

Phonak Audéo Perfect Bass 022

All Audéo PFEs offer excellent sound quality and will win you over with the highest wearing comfort and unique design. The ergonomically-shaped earphones sit perfectly in your ear and can be adapted optimally to your ear canal thanks to the different-sized silicone ear tips that come with the earphones.

About Phonak

Phonak, the leading manufacturer of hearing systems, has decades of experience with human hearing. Based on this experience, Phonak has developed technologies enabling the realization of earphones with brilliant sound and perfect wearing comfort. All products are developed and designed by Phonak in Switzerland.

Our Opinion

We think that £ for Pound this must be a future champ, with improved bottom end grunt the PFE sounds chunkier and more contemporary.
We've been really impressed by the improvements in punch at the bottom end with these new models, compared with the existing PFE 111, 112, 121, 122.  The extra bass kick doesn't appear to sacrifice clarity in the lower mid-range, which is impressive considering they are single driver balanced armature earphones.
Having heard the new Audeo 012 Perfect Bass it is hard to believe that such a refined balanced armature earphone will be on the market for less than £80. The new models also feature the same updated cabling and strengthened materials found on the award winning Audeo PFE 111, 112, 121 and 122.


More Information

For more information on the Phonak Audeo Perfect Bass and the rest of the Phonak Audeo PFE range please check out the HiFi Headphones web store.
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I've just been to a Phonak reseller and she's never heard of the new 012 & 022 before. She says they're not listed in the computer and can't order them.
Is there any date for an official release yet?

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