Philips Uptown Over-Ear Headphones: Help!
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Sep 29, 2012
Okay, so I bought these headphones a few weeks ago. At first I was rather disappointed with its sound after having enjoyed the JVC Flats On-Ear's sound signature for so long. They were a lot more warmer than I'd expected them to be, I thought there'd be more body to their bass.
But then I realised something: my head is too small for these headphones!
I found that if I clamped the pads into my ears, I could actually hear a rather neutral sound that's better than the JVC Flats - the sound that everyone was raving about finally made sense to me. And the bass improved a lot after doing this.
The problem lies in the headband design where it has a rather roundish curve than an oval-ish one. So basically the sound I got was a lot warmer (to a fault) if I didn't clamp it to the side of my head.
I don't think my head is gonna get any bigger. Any DIY tools/tips I could use to make sure the Uptowns clamp tighter on my head?
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Nov 27, 2011
Not that this helps the OP any, but I have definitely noticed that Uptowns need a nice, tight seal. It's amazing how much even a little crack on the seal can negatively impact sound; is this normal for closed headphones?
For the OP, you might try a reverse of the "stretch" procedure used to loosen headphones up; use cord of some kind and tie it around the headphones just above the cups, tight enough to reshape the headband slightly and bow it inward vs outward. I'm not terribly sure this will work - it might work better if you have access to a vice or clamps that open wide enough to actually encompass the headphone band at its widest points and squeeze that way for a time.

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