Philips SHP9500 burn in?
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Jul 8, 2001
Out of all the reviews of this popular phone there's hardly a word said about burn in. Trawling through Amazon, a couple of people maintain it's not necessary, but one user, who seemed to know what he was talking about, warns against judging this phone without at least a few days intense burn in. Just wondering if any users have noticed any changes with long term use.
One other question. I have an HD598 and I notice the FR of the two phones is remarkable similar. I'm looking for something a little less forward, or 'hot', in the lower treble/upper midrange, and judging from the FR graphs the Philips may not be it. Anyone with an HD598 care to comment?
Incidentally, the Philps isn't quite so cheap outside the US. I'm in Australia and I just paid Amazon $AU122 for one, not yet delivered. Not a fortune, but not exactly the throwaway item it is in the US.

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